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We understand that with so much information relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19) going around in the media, you may have concerns about how the situation is being managed at our recreation camps.

Consistent with the Department of Education’s approach, the department is following the advice of the WA Department of Health regarding the COVID-19 virus.

Importantly, there is no instruction at present to cease operations at any facility across the State, whether be it a school or a camp.

In order to support camp bookings where they can continue safely, the department will suspend its 3-month cancellation policy through until 31 July, 2020. We will need to know in writing if you are not proceeding 14 days from the event.

This will provide a longer lead time for clients to determine if the camp event can still proceed with reduced financial risk where the event may be impacted by concerns around COVID-19.

We appreciate that collectively a great deal of time and energy is invested in planning and delivering your camp and we want to assist you in achieving that end.

Implementing simple actions such as self-isolation for persons travelling from an infected region, regular hand hygiene, and seeking medical advice if you think you may have symptoms of the virus are examples of current best-practice advice.

School teachers or supervisors planning camps (or excursions) should maintain their instruction to students regarding personal hygiene practices while attending camp, as is the case in schooling or sporting club environments.

The above also applies to all parents/carers, contractors, visitors and volunteers at the department's recreation camp sites.

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Page reviewed 07 September 2021