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The Perth Cultural Centre is a place of significance for all Western Australians — a place where we can come together to acknowledge our history, celebrate our diversity, explore our creativity, expand our knowledge and imagine our future.

Located adjacent to the City’s CBD and close to key educational campuses and a thriving entertainment precinct, the Perth Cultural Centre (or 'PCC') is home to many of our major cultural institutions. It is the State’s primary venue for providing the community with access to a diverse range of knowledge, information, arts and cultural experiences.

Despite its significance to Western Australia, in recent years, several shortcomings have been identified that restrict the PCC's ability to attract and retain visitors. It seems disconnected from the City lacks identity, is difficult to navigate and does not encourage visitors to gather or dwell. Unlike other great cultural precincts in Australia and overseas, it is not yet considered a destination in its own right.

Considerable opportunity exists to enhance the success of the precinct, building on recent significant investments made in the area, including the redevelopment of the WA Museum Boola Bardip and the Elevate project at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

In late 2019, the Perth Cultural Centre Taskforce was established to progress opportunities for immediate, short and longer-term investments in the precinct. The $1.5 Billion Perth City Deal partnership has further piqued community interest in reimagining the PCC, and facilitates a first tranche of funding to rejuvenate the precinct.

This Masterplan Report aims to deliver a strategic vision for the PCC and provide a framework for short-to-medium term funded redevelopment commitments for the precinct’s public realm. It also sets out a long term redevelopment vision that will transform the precinct into a world-class destination that reflects the richness and value of its significant cultural assets and institutions.

This Masterplan has been developed with the participation of key institutions and stakeholders, in consultation with Traditional Owners and with input from the broader community. It outlines six “Key Moves”:

  • Form a Central Heart: create a welcoming public space for people to visit and linger in comfort and safety, incorporating wetlands and play spaces for children;
  • Reinforce James Street as a formal promenade: remove the amphitheatre to create a more sympathetic and navigable streetscape, linking William and Beaufort Streets;
  • Connect to the City and Beyond: improve gateways to the Centre and reduce impediments to pedestrian traffic, such as the Roe St Carpark;
  • Reimagine the North-South axis as a series of natural gardens: create interlinked indigenous landscape gardens to bring ‘a little piece of Kings Park’ to the CBD;
  • Open the existing buildings up to the public realm: encourage the existing institutions to create inviting threshold spaces that relate to the Cultural Centre; and
  • Develop underutilised sites: ensure areas throughout the precinct are suited to activities complementary to the existing institutions, residential, commercial and hospitality activity.

The Taskforce members believe that the delivery of these “Key Moves” will enhance the amenity of the precinct, deliver new attractions, improve access and connectivity to, from and within the Cultural Centre, enhance the representation of Aboriginal culture and arts, encourage patronage and interest in the PCC and improve the use of underutilised sites.

This Masterplan intends to deliver a beating cultural heart for the City, to reflect the vibrancy, energy, creativity and optimism of our State. The PCC Rejuvenation Project offers an opportunity to create a lasting legacy for Western Australia – to deliver an iconic, beautiful place that our whole community can enjoy and share with the world.

Jessica Shaw MLA
PCC Taskforce

Page reviewed 07 December 2022