1. Establish gender diversity as a priority
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Driving gender diversity in sport and recreation

WA enjoys a high female participation rate in sport and recreation. However, these numbers do not translate to senior leadership roles in the sector. Community expectations have changed over time and we no longer tolerate organisations with no women in leadership roles. There is now an expectation from the community that sport and recreation bodies are reflective of a gender diverse community.

For change to occur, sport and recreation organisations and other key stakeholders must understand the positive effects of diversity and inclusion for all organisations. This understanding will allow for effective boards and workforce, inclusive of everyone. Intervention is required to accelerate progress and drive change — we require your help with putting gender on the agenda in your organisation.

8 keys to improve gender diversity

We have identified eight key steps that organisations need to do in order to improve gender diversity.

  1. Establish gender diversity as a priority
  2. Understand the business case for gender diversity
  3. Build awareness and capability
  4. Ensure policies and processes support your gender diversity objectives
  5. Incorporate gender diversity into your strategic plans
  6. Incorporate gender diversity considerations into your day-to-day operational activities
  7. Ensure your organisational culture is welcoming and inclusive for women and new starter
  8. Ensure clear responsibility and accountability for progress

The case for change

  • The case for change is a key enabler of the cultural change required to improve gender diversity within the sport and recreation sector.
  • It outlines the benefits of gender diversity and the strategic advantage that your organisation can experience.
  • These benefits can be broken down into four key areas:
    • Attract and retain top talent
    • Enhance organisational performance
    • Platform for growth
    • Meet community expectations
  • A diverse and inclusive board and workforce generates tangible benefits, such as increased efficiency, productivity, innovation and employee engagement — irrespective of sector or size.

What you should do

  • Introduce a standing agenda item on gender diversity for board meetings
  • Record progress on gender diversity in meeting minutes
  • Assign gender diversity actions to individuals to follow up post-meeting
  • Have a gender diversity lens on all of your communications and engagement opportunities to help ensure that gender stays on the agenda.
Page reviewed 16 October 2020