Country Sport Enrichment Scheme guidelines

Providing support and assistance to take international, national and approved state sport league competitions and contests to regional Western Australia.

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The scheme provides support to organisations to deliver high level events or competitions or provide access to sport development opportunities for regional WA.

Primary objectives

The primary objectives of the Country Sport Enrichment Scheme is to help regional Western Australia experience and conduct major sporting events and sport development initiatives by:  

  • conducting international, national or state sporting events or competitions in regional WA
  • utilising elite athletes to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity and assist in delivering sport development opportunities in regional WA.

Funding may be used for

  • Elite athlete fee for service
  • Interstate travel costs
  • Intrastate travel and accommodation costs
  • Vehicle hire (as per the State Sporting Association’s policy)
  • Hire of venue or equipment (e.g. PA systems, timing systems, video analysis)
  • Catering costs (meals for volunteers or officials only).

Funding may not be used for

  • Employee salary and employment costs
  • Purchase of assets (e.g. sporting equipment, office equipment etc)
  • International travel costs
  • Meals, catering, refreshments (other than for volunteers or officials)
  • Team uniform costs
  • Trophies, prize money and gifts.

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Meets eligibility criteria
  • Meets at least one of the Country Sport Enrichment Scheme grant’s primary objectives
  • Be aligned to a State Sporting Association or Industry Representative Organisation strategic plan and relevant strategies
  • Demonstrated need for the event, competition or sport development opportunity in the region (in comparison to other regions)
  • Demonstrated benefits to regional WA (sport development benefits and community benefits)
  • Geographical location of the event, competition or sport development opportunity
  • Demonstrated capacity to deliver the project (how and who will undertake the project)
  • Provision of a comprehensive and detailed Community Activation Plan (must outline all supporting activities to be leveraged from the event i.e. school visits, workshops, clinics, coaching courses, community functions, media coverage, promotional events etc.)
  • Financial commitment to event, competition or sport development opportunity
  • Level of state government/agency investment already towards the event and the outcomes associated if applicable
  • Provision of a comprehensive and detailed budget.

Who can apply?

Organisations that are eligible to apply for a CSES grant include:

  • State Sporting Associations that are recognised by the department
  • National sport league clubs
  • A coordinating body that is a not-for-profit incorporated association
  • Major sport clubs as approved by the Minister for Sport and Recreation
  • Local government authorities.

Application information

  • Organisations may only receive one grant per financial year, except for when they are an Industry Representative Organisation that represents multiple recognised State Sporting Associations
  • Projects or events should not be part of an existing Industry Investment Program funding or any other current department funding program
  • Projects or events must not commence prior to funding approval, nor is funding retrospective
  • Projects or events must start within the grant financial year
  • Organisations with outstanding acquittals for any department grant may have payments withheld until outstanding acquittal documentation is received.

What may be eligible for funding?

Projects that achieve the following outcomes:

  • Motivating participation in sport and physical activity and in particular by youth at risk, or people with a high-risk lifestyle health condition or people from a low participation in sport and physical activity population group.
  • Increasing participation in sport and physical activity.
  • Providing local people with sport skill development as participants, coaches or officials.

Level of funding available

Maximum level of funding is $30,000 per application per financial year. This will be based on the on the costs associated with the Community Activation Plan or hosting the event in a regional area.

How to apply

  • Read the guidelines for CSES Grant Program
  • Contact your regional office or sport consultant to discuss your application
  • Complete the application form with relevant supporting documentation (i.e. quotes, detailed project proposals) and indicative concepts of community activation (e.g. clinics, school visits, media opportunities or official and coach development).
  • Submit your application form in hard copy to:
    • Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
      PO Box 329, Leederville, WA 6903
    • or via email to a regional office
  • If your application is successful then you will need to finalise a Community Activation Plan with the department and supply any relevant supporting documentation (i.e. quotes, detailed project proposals).

Funding rounds timeline

Out of round applications will be considered when a significant event which was not originally anticipated becomes available. Applications must be submitted to the department a minimum of eight weeks prior to the proposed event commencing.

Ineligible venues

Perth metropolitan area.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will be required to acknowledge the department and Lotterywest. Details will be included in successful grant agreements.

Page reviewed 09 July 2019