The objective of introducing a new Local Government Act is for Western Australia to have a new, modern Act that empowers local governments to better deliver for the community. Our vision is for local governments to be agile, smart and inclusive.

Stage 1 objectives 

The objective of stage 1 of the review was to:

  • modernise local government; and
  • better position local government to deliver services to the community. 

The following principles underpinned stage one of the review:

  • transparency: providing easy access to meaningful, timely, and accurate information about local governments; 
  • participatory: strengthening local democracy through increased community engagement; 
  • accountability: holding local governments accountable by strengthening integrity and good governance; 
  • efficiency: providing a framework for local governments to be more efficient by removing impediments to good practice; 
  • modernising: embracing contemporary models for governance and public sector management; 
  • enabling: local governments will be empowered to deliver for communities as autonomous bodies with powers and responsibilities specified in legislation. 

The topics considered during stage one of the review included:

Stage 2 objectives

Three new key objectives were identified for stage 2 of the review:


The new Act will seek to empower local governments to be ‘Agile’ - allowing local governments to best use their resources to adapt to changing conditions.

It is important that local governments can strike a balance between community expectations, external pressures and the practical limitations of revenue and expenditure.


The new Act will seek to enable local governments to be ‘Smart’ - allowing local governments to better meet the needs and expectations of their communities through being transparent and accountable.


The new Act will seek to support local governments to be ‘Inclusive’ - ensuring local governments represent and involve their communities in decision-making.

As the tier of government closest to the community, there is an expectation that local governments represent the whole community, recognise diversity within their district and are responsive to community needs.

Page reviewed 15 January 2020