Determinations and hearings

Determinations made by the Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal.


Hearings are held at the State Administrative Tribunal, Perth.


Determinations made by the Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal.


Lindsay Harper




Disqualification for 2 years under Rule 501A(1)(b) for being found in a place with a quantity of Schedule Four drugs and failing to produce on demand a prescription by a qualified veterinarian who prescribed the drug for a particular horse after personally examining that horse issued within 12 months prior to the demand. Refer Appeal 357. Appeal as to penalty only. Appeal dismissed, penalty confirmed. Application to Supreme Court for writ of certiorari to have conviction and penalty quashed. Order nisi made absolute. Conviction quashed.

Racing type


Harness racing rules

Offence type

Prohibited substances


However, it is my understanding that the issue is whether or not the Appellant had direction or control of training?contradictory and repugnant to the Tribunal's previous decision in dismissing the Appellant's appeal against conviction.

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