Racing precedents

A list of precedents from determinations made by the Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal.


David Harrison


Appeal allowed, penalty varied


Refer Appeal 209. 10 months disqualification for administering a prohibited substance (Oxyphenbutazone) detected in a post-race sample under Rule 175(h)(ii). Appeal dismissed and penalty confirmed. Supreme Court remitted matter to the Tribunal for re-hearing on penalty. Penalty varied to a further 6 months disqualification to be served.

Racing type


Thoroughbred racing rules

Offence type

Prohibited substances


As has previously been stated that order specifically quashes the determination of the Stewards in disqualifying ? is thereby disqualified public confidence in this industry is shattered. The damage to the industry is incalculable.

Paragraph number: 15 and 23 (Mr D Mossenson) and 6, 7, 9 and 42 (Mr L B Robbins)

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