Alcohol and sport

The department promotes, encourages and supports strategies to minimise harm from alcohol use in the interests of the health and safety of those participating in sporting and recreational activities.

Health effects

Alcohol is widely used and enjoyed by Western Australians and can form part of an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. In fact, low-risk levels of alcohol drinking can provide some health benefits for middle-aged and older people. However drinking in excess of low-risk drinking levels can have harmful effects on people’s health.  

Alcohol consumption after exercise can lead to poor recovery and slow repair of injuries, because of dehydration and increased swelling and bleeding of injuries.  

Sports Medicine Australia (WA Branch)

Sports Medicine Australia — WA (SMAWA) recognises that there are safe levels of alcohol consumption, however excessive consumption can be a major risk to not only the individual but also to public health and safety.

SMA(WA) also recognises the right of every individual to enjoy themselves in a safe, sociable, reliable and legal environment.With this is mind, the following policy devised by SMA applies to all SMAWA activities where alcohol is served, and provides a good starting point for you to adopt within your own club or association.

  • Alcohol will be served in accordance with the requirements set out in the Liquor Licensing Act 1998.
  • Excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol will be discouraged.
  • Drinking water will be made freely available.
  • Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.
  • Food will be offered at all times that alcohol is available.
For more information about Alcohol Policies for clubs and associations, please contact:

Changing Attitudes to Alcohol through Sport

Changing Attitudes to Alcohol through Sport (CAATS) is an overall club development program that offers face-to-face education for club committees and their members to ensure they understand the legal requirements for serving alcohol and how to develop an Sample alcohol policy for their club.

The program has been developed by sports, for sports and promotes the responsible service and consumption of alcohol through a partnership between the WA Sports Federation and eight major participating State Sporting Associations (SSAs):

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