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We acknowledge the unprecedented challenges being faced by our sector during this time as we navigate closures, cancellations, bans to mass gatherings and social distancing.

For organisations funded through the Major Performing Arts (MPA) program and the Arts Organisations Investment Program (AOIP), we are adopting a flexible approach. This includes:

  • adjusting requirements to target outputs
  • bringing forward payments where required
  • delaying or simplifying reporting requirements
  • varying the purposes and outcomes of funding
  • allowing organisations to use money provided for a deliverable, to be repurposed to pay essential bills such as wages, rent or utilities.

If you have any queries, please email

DLGSC is working closely with Lotterywest to deliver funding relief to not-for-profit arts and cultural organisations affected by cancellations to ensure they survive this pandemic and continue to deliver high-quality work at a later date. The Lotterywest Relief Fund forms part of a suite of initiatives within the broader $159 million COVID-19 relief fund announced by the Premier on 30 March 2020.

Applications for eligible arts and cultural organisations for both the Event Cancellation Relief (Stream B); and the Resilient Arts Organisations (Stream E) programs will be open through Lotterywest from Friday 24 April, closing midnight Wednesday 13 May.

Arts and cultural organisations are advised to contact Lotterywest to discuss an application to the COVID-19 relief fund by visiting the Lotterywest website or calling 133 777.

Grant programs

DLGSC continues to offer assistance and support to independent artists, arts workers and creative practitioners dealing with the impact of COVID-19. We acknowledge the particular challenges being faced by the independent sector who may not be able to access other support packages during this time.

For independent artists, arts workers, musicians and creative practitioners, the department will continue to offer support for activities that are permissible at this time through the existing Arts U-15k grant program and the Contemporary Music Fund Grant Program (U-15k category).

DLGSC has consolidated all remaining unallocated funding towards the Arts U-15K and contemporary music U-15k programs, to ensure that independent artists that are not able to access the Lotterywest Relief Fund are able to remain engaged and supported in their creative activities through this time.

Information on Arts U-15k and the Contemporary Music Fund Grant Program (U-15k category) is available on the DLGSC website, and will be clearly marked with instructions to guide you in terms of activities that are allowable within the current social distancing and travel restrictions.    

In order to take this approach, DLGSC is suspending many culture and the arts funding programs that are currently open, due to open or with applications being assessed. This is to acknowledge that many projects can no longer take place in the way they were originally conceived due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Personal circumstances have also dramatically changed for many people.

Suspending programs will allow the department to concentrate its efforts on the emergency response.

At this stage, the programs under immediate suspension are:

  • Arts 15k-plus
  • Contemporary Music Fund Grant Program (15k-plus category)
  • Playwright Partnership Program
  • Western Australian Theatre Development Initiative
  • Outer Metro Arts
  • Create X.

If you have submitted an application to any of the above programs, the department will be in contact with you shortly.  

Currently contracted grant recipients

For currently contracted grant recipients, we are here to assist by:

  • varying the purposes and outcomes of funding already received
  • extending timelines for projects
  • taking a flexible approach to assist recipients to adapt their project.

You are encouraged to contact our Investment and Development team by emailing to submit a variation to your contract.

Australian Government support

The Australia Council for the Arts has announced new resilience funding programs for artists and arts organisations to support their livelihoods, practice and operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. More information regarding the package.

The Australian Government has also announced support packages which can be accessed by impacted arts organisations. More information about these can be found on:

For further information, please email

I thank you for your patience whilst we undertake the work required during this State of Emergency.

Yours sincerely

Duncan Ord OAM
Director General


Page reviewed 27 February 2023