Cultural Infrastructure Toolkit 

The Cultural Infrastructure Toolkit supports the implementation of the WA Cultural Infrastructure Framework 2030+. 

By 2030+ we want WA to be the most culturally engaged State in Australia — with cultural infrastructure that celebrates our rich cultural diversity and creative talent. We want WA recognised as a major hub for technical innovation, creative industries and one of the most artistic and inspiring places in the world.

The toolkit can help State and local governments and decision makers to assess cultural infrastructure needs and priorities. 

The toolkit includes: 

  1. WA Cultural Infrastructure Framework 2030+ Summary: outlines a roadmap for holistic cultural infrastructure planning and investment in the State until 2030 and beyond 
  2. WA Cultural Infrastructure Framework 2030+: more detail on how the framework can increase participation in arts, culture and creative activities for all Western Australians and showcase the State to the world 
  3. WA Cultural Infrastructure Investment Guidelines: identifies outcomes for investing in cultural infrastructure, and can be used as a tool for robust, evidence-based assessment of cultural infrastructure proposals 
  4. WA Cultural Infrastructure Map: displays the State’s existing cultural infrastructure and can be used for future planning to grow WA’s cultural engagement and creative economy. 

These documents will be updated periodically and more documents will be added over time to ensure the toolkit is comprehensive and current. 

Page reviewed 11 September 2023