Local government

The department partners with local government to deliver good governance to the community.

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Local government news

For community

Local government makes a big difference in our everyday lives. It defines the places we live, work and play.

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MyCouncil provides information about your council and local government across WA.

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Council elections

​​​​​Local government elections play an important role in Western Australia's democratic system.

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Local government candidate induction

It's compulsory for all candidates nominating in a local government election to complete the department’s online induction.

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Stop Puppy Farming

Promoting responsible dog ownership and the future health and welfare of dogs.

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Cemeteries and burials

The Cemeteries Act 1986 requires all deceased persons to be buried in proclaimed cemeteries administered by responsible trustees.

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Off-road vehicles

Information on permitted and prohibited areas for off-road vehicles.

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Cats and dogs

The department is responsible for administering the Dog Act 1976 and the Cat Act 2011.

For local governments

Helping to improve the capacity of local governments to respond to community demands and expectations, and improve levels of accountability and legislative compliance.

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Support and advice

Providing support and advisory services to 139 local governments.

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Acts and legislation

A list of acts and regulations relating the local government.

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Compliance and governance

Facilitating good governance and compliance by monitoring, promoting and enforcing compliance.

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Boards and commissions

WA Local Government Grants Commission and Advisory Board.

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Rates setting

Information on rates setting for local governments.

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Local laws

The Local Government Act 1995 enables local governments to make local laws considered necessary for the good government of their districts.

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Regional subsidairies

A regional subsidiary is designed to be a convenient way for local governments to pool their resources and cooperate more closely with neighbouring districts.

Council member training

Changes to the Local Government Act 1995 were passed by Parliament requires all council members to complete training within the first 12 months of being elected.

Strengthening local government

Current and ongoing initiatives to help strengthen all local governments across Western Australia.

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Local Government Act Reform

The first significant reform of local government conducted in more than two decades.

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Integrated planning and reporting

A framework for local governments to establish local priorities linking to operational functions.

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Local government inquiries

Information relating to inquiries into misconduct of local governments.

State Local Government Agreement leadership meeting showing a group of people sitting and standing around a boardroom table.

State Local Partnership Agreement

Partnering the State and local government sectors.

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