The department is responsible to the following ministers:

Minister for Culture and the Arts; Sport and Recreation

Portrait of Hon David Templeman MLA

Hon David Templeman MLA Dip Tchg BEd

Minister for Culture and the Arts; Sport and Recreation; International Education; Heritage

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs; Multicultural Interests

Portrait of Hon Dr Tony Buti MLA

Dr Tony Buti BPE(Hons) DipEd MIR LLB(Hons) DPhil MLA

Minister for Education; Aboriginal Affairs; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests

Minister for Racing and Gaming

Portrait of Hon Reece Whitby MLA

Hon Reece Whitby MLA

Minister for Environment; Climate Action; Racing and Gaming

Minister for Local Government

Portrait of Hon David Michael MLA

Hon David Michael MLA

Minister for Ports; Local Government; Road Safety; Minister Assisting the Minister for Transport

Page reviewed 31 August 2023