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The State Government is reducing unnecessary red tape to help facilitate delivery of small projects and support small business. Changes to the Local Government Act 1995 and associated legislation will include a streamlined approach to facilitating al fresco dining, minor signage, and driveway approvals.

Improving the efficiency and consistency of local government will deliver significant benefits for small businesses, community organisations, and residents and ratepayers.

Tranche 1 Standardised meeting procedures across all local governments

The procedures for all council meetings, including for public question time, will be standardised across the State. This will improve consistency, and make engaging with council decisions simpler and easier.

Regulation Greater consistency for small business

Reforms will introduce standard approvals for key local government regulations and approvals, including incidental outdoor trading activities.

Many of these reforms build on the planning reforms already implemented by the State Government. They also complement the ongoing innovations by local governments, and initiatives by the Small Business Development Corporation and StreamlineWA.

Tranche 2 Streamlining local laws

Local laws will be streamlined to create greater consistency and reduce the complexity of regulation, particularly for rules about installing minor signage for small business, and the planning of community events. There will be new, simple model local laws that local governments can easily adopt.

Tranche 2 Creating flexibility to enable resource-sharing

Legislation will specifically enable and encourage local governments to share resources, including CEOs and senior employees. For instance, it will be easier for two or three local governments to hire one shared CEO.

Regulation Standardising residential crossovers/driveways on local roads

Reforms to standardise and simplify the approval of crossovers (the part of driveways connecting to the road) for residential developments on local roads will be implemented.


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Page reviewed 11 September 2023