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An infographic with the information: The gross benefit of organised sport in WA each year is $10.3b. Economic and employment $4.85b. Physical and mental health $3.02b. Personal wellbeing and broader social benefits $2.39b.

A SportWest social return on investment report, released today, found that Western Australia's organised sport returned $4.85 billion in economic and employment outcomes, $3.02 billion in physical and mental health, and $2.39 billion in personal wellbeing and broader social benefits per annum.

Broken down further, for every dollar invested in community sport, by or for its roughly 700,000 participants, our State reaps $7.10 in benefits.

This is the first return on investment study of its kind to encompass the whole sport industry in WA and delivers a measurable value of what sport is worth to our community, beyond the usual anecdotal stories.

SportWest received an $89,000 State Government grant to commission the study.

Social Return on Investment


Page reviewed 27 February 2023