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The Gaming and Wagering Commission (GWC)’s purpose is to ensure the integrity and fairness of gaming and wagering in Western Australia through independent and contemporary regulatory practice that protects and educates the consumer, considers community benefit, and minimises harms.

Strategic focus areas


Renew the GWC organisation

  • establish GWC charter, KPIs, Benchmarks, delegations and Strategic Plan
  • establish governance model and organisation design
  • build capability and capacity of the GWC and officers supporting its functions
  • secure GWC funding and resources
  • establish stakeholder engagement approach
  • establish the 2024 DLGSC-GWC SLA in collaboration with the Department.

Support legislative changes and recommend legislative reform

  • implement immediate legislative changes
  • provide input to broader legislative reforms.

Support industry remediation

  • develop approach to working constructively with the Independent Monitor
  • provide advice on the implementation of Perth Casino Royal Commission recommendations to the Minister
  • develop suitability assessment for casino licensee.

Deliver specific strategic projects to support and ensure effective industry regulation

  • undertake casino regulation reform in relation to Electronic Gaming Machines and the International Gaming Facility
  • provide input on the replacement of current licensing and compliance IT system
  • develop Standard Lotteries policy and contribute to any reform of legislation
  • consider wagering regulatory reform.

Regulation and Gambling Harm Minimisation

Maintain an effective regulatory environment

  • undertake strategic regulatory risk assessment
  • develop regulatory posture for all regulation areas, review and refine regulatory policies to be consistent with posture, and establish regulatory framework
  • develop enforcement and prosecution policy
  • establish a data analysis capability to inform regulatory monitoring and decision making
  • develop information sharing arrangements with key agencies to further the GWC’s objectives (i.e. AML/CTF).

Strengthen the approach to gambling harm minimisation

  • engage research into nature and extent of gambling harm in Western Australia and inform and engage key stakeholders
  • develop policy, regulatory, and educational responses to gambling harm research
  • continue funding for gambling support services
  • make submission to State Government on the Independent Advisory Body.

Establish effective communications with the full range of relevant stakeholders

  • develop the GWC’s communications plan and increase the profile of the GWC as a regulator
  • develop the GWC’s education plan and foster consumer and community knowledge and understanding.

Business as usual

The GWC has a number of ongoing activities that will enable it to maintain effective operations and to continue to deliver high quality regulation of the industry and minimise harm to consumers. GWC operations business as usual and continuous improvement includes:

  • compliance with legislation
  • licensing and approvals
  • resourcing - people and funding
  • processes and systems
  • stakeholder registers
  • communications
  • research and analysis.
Page reviewed 11 September 2023