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This position statement is to delineate the responsibility of the signing of contestant wraps and gloves at Combat Sports Commission (the Commission) sanctioned events.


As per Section 10(b) of the Combat Sports Act 1987 a key function of the Commission is to formulate or recommend standards, specifications, codes of conduct or other forms of guidance for the purpose of maintaining proper standards in Combat Sports.

Commission rules articulate the following in relation to the Bandaging and Taping of Contestant’s Hands:

  • Shall be conducted in the dressing rooms. Contestants arriving at a contest venue with their hands already wrapped will be asked to remove the handwraps and have them re-wrapped at the venue;
  • Shall be in the presence of the Head Referee or a Commission Representative (if necessary);
  • Shall be inspected and signed upon completion by the Head Referee or a Commission Representative (if necessary). Bandages or tape will not be affixed in any way that the Head Referee or a Commission Representative consider detrimental to an opponent; and
  • If the indentation in between knuckles can be felt and there isn’t any tape over the knuckles or excessive buildup the wraps may be approved.


It is the obligation of the Permit Holder (Promoter) to ensure that the Rules of the Contest are adhered too. Therefore, as per the Commission rules, it is the Promoter’s responsibility to ensure the inspection and signing of Wraps and Gloves by the Head Referee or a Commission Representative (if necessary) upon completion. This Commission Rule will supersede any sanctioning body rules at Commission sanctioned events.


It is the Promoter’s responsibility to ensure there is sufficient Officials engaged to complete the duties set out by Commission Rules. This includes a minimum of 2 Referees, 3 Judges and 1 Timekeeper.

It is highly recommended that the Promoter establishes a gloving station at a Promotion to safeguard any issues and ensure a high standard of compliance.

If a Promoter wishes to engage a Commission Representative, they must provide adequate reasoning and notify the Commission no less than five (5) days prior to the Promotion.

Page reviewed 11 September 2023