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Ministers' foreword

If you live in other parts of Australia or other parts of the world, there are already many reasons why you’d want to visit Western Australia.

For instance, our beaches, landscape and climate are legendary.

But there’s so much more on offer with our people, cultures, sport and stories that make WA a world-class vibrant destination.

The aim of this two year action plan is simple: to highlight Western Australia as a unique, unmissable destination for arts, cultural, sport and Aboriginal experiences—and make the most of our opportunities.

We want to tap you on the shoulder and let you know about the things worth seeing that you just can’t get in other parts of the world.

For example, WA’s unique Aboriginal cultures form the world’s oldest continuously living culture. Telling the world about its richness and diversity and helping people connect with Aboriginal people is an opportunity too good to miss.

That’s why the WA Government wants WA to become the premier State in Australia to experience Aboriginal culture and tourism.

But we’re also looking at a bigger picture.

WA is remarkably diverse with more than 240 languages, including Aboriginal languages, spoken in WA and many thousands of families still having strong connections overseas.

It’s important that we generate opportunities for our diverse multicultural communities to deliver large-scale events that can attract interstate and international visitors to WA.

In a similar vein, in the sport and recreation sector, we’re aiming to attract more sports fans and sporting teams to WA and establish iconic trails to promote WA as a world-class trails and outdoor recreation destination.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries is part of that mix.
Our job is to support creative industries, sport and recreation bodies, and Aboriginal and multicultural groups to take their stories to as many people as possible.

This action plan aims to focus our goals, make the most of our opportunities, and provide a blueprint to grow these key tourism sectors.

That way, we can help create even more jobs and more vibrant urban and regional communities, boost the economy, and put WA on the map as a major arts, cultural, sport and Aboriginal tourism destination.

Hon David Templeman MLA
Minister for Local Government; Culture and the Arts

Hon Mick Murray MLA
Minister for Sport and Recreation

Hon Paul Papalia MLA
Minister for Racing and Gaming; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests

Hon Ben Wyatt MLA
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs


To make Western Australia a world class arts, cultural, sport and Aboriginal tourism destination.


To continue to increase the number of people visiting Western Australia from interstate and overseas so they can experience our unique arts, cultural, sport and Aboriginal attractions.

This will be achieved by:

  • Working in partnership with Tourism WA, local government and WALGA, as well as the State’s arts, cultural, entertainment and sport sectors to promote tourism opportunities
  • Highlighting WA’s rich Aboriginal cultures and working with communities to develop tourism opportunities
  • Boosting opportunities to showcase WA’s multicultural communities and attract overseas tourists
  • Supporting tourism industry promoters, local government and urban and regional communities to create
    vibrant spaces and venues
  • Reducing red tape to provide further tourism opportunities in the hospitality sector.


This Action Plan has been developed to help guide the activities of the Department of Local Government,
Sport and Cultural Industries.

It will be carried out by its key service areas, including local government, sport and recreation; culture and the arts; racing, gaming and liquor; the Office of Multicultural Interests; and Aboriginal History Unit.

The department will work in conjunction with Tourism WA; local government; the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction; sport and tourism industry stakeholders such as the Tourism Council WA; WA’s creative industries; and regional communities to implement the plan.

Action plan

We will support Aboriginal cultural tourism to promote our diverse and unique cultures and create jobs and economic opportunities by:

  1. Showcasing our unique Western Australian Aboriginal heritage as a ‘hero product’ in all our tourism products and services
  2. Helping Aboriginal artists, performers and guides in Western Australia to be tourism ready by clearly differentiating what makes them unique
  3. Creating strong interpretations that help tourists to connect specific Aboriginal products and services to their locations and contemporary experiences so that there is an emotional connection.

We will support the development of vibrant regional communities that provide jobs and economic development by:

  1. Showcasing arts, cultural, Aboriginal tourism and sporting events and festivals that promote the diversity and uniqueness of Western Australian regional tourism experiences
  2. Supporting and strengthening the capacity of regional organisations (including visitor centres) involved in cultural, sport and tourism product so that they can in turn build their brand and the capacity of local creators. This includes the capacity to maximise economic benefits though satellite events
  3. Making sure that tourists can easily find out what is on offer, why our experiences are unique, and how best to access them
  4. Providing guidance and feedback to continually improve events, products and experiences. This includes providing current research on world benchmark practices and products
  5. Partnering with regional organisations to identify opportunities for sport tourism and events such as the Lancelin Ocean Classic and the Mid West Wind and Water Festival.

We will support relevant Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) community associations in delivering events that attract international and interstate visitors by:

  1. Drawing on the strength of our multicultural communities to showcase WA’s version of the world’s major cultural festivals, including Chinese New Year and Diwali
  2. Supporting bespoke events that showcase WA’s cultural diversity, such as the 2019 Perth Chung Wah Cultural Festival
  3. Working with government, business and communities to build on existing events, such as the Africa Down Under Mining Conference, to highlight WA’s cultural diversity.

We will celebrate the diversity of our people and communities by:

  1. Showcasing our people and communities to the world by having WA Museum produce a dedicated tourism portal for regional collections to promote our stories from around the State
  2. Working with Western Australia’s CaLD communities to share and celebrate the culture and heritage of people from around the world who call Western Australia home
  3. Working with diaspora communities to highlight Western Australia to family and friends around the world
  4. Showcasing the social benefits and community connections built through participation in sport and active recreation, as well as building social cohesion through participation in arts and cultural activities and programs
  5. Supporting NAIDOC Week and Reconciliation Week activities such as the Reconciliation Street Banner Project
  6. Celebrating our unique history and identity through research on Aboriginal places and names for key tourist destinations in Perth and regional areas, such as Kings Park and the Moore River Native Settlement
  7. Supporting sport and recreation events that bring together people from diverse communities.

We will develop and diversify international tourism audiences by:

  1. Showcasing collaborations between WA and Asian/Indian Ocean Rim partners across the creative industries and the cultural sector
  2. Utilising DLGSC’s investment in film, VR and digital media to promote the State
  3. Establishing a VR Festival to develop new creative products to experience WA’s attractions from anywhere in the world
  4. Encouraging our international regional partners to bring sport tourism to WA by supporting State Sporting Associations to pursue opportunities with Asia; attracting national and international events that will use State sporting facilities; attracting international athletes and teams to train at the WA Institute of Sport
  5. Utilising the mid-tier sporting events strategy developed with VenuesWest.

We will showcase world-class arts, cultural and sporting events by:

  1. Partnering with arts and cultural organisations such as Perth Festival, CinefestOZ, FRINGE WORLD Festival, Revelation Film Festival and Kimberley Stompen Ground Festival, to attract visitors to Western Australia
  2. Partnering with Aboriginal art and cultural centres to continue to grow the Revealed Aboriginal arts market and exhibition
  3. Supporting local and iconic exhibitions that reflect our unique culture and identity such as PICA’s Hatched, the Art Gallery of WA’s Black Swan Portraiture Awards and Pulse Perspectives (formerly the Year 12 Perspectives), the State Library of WA’s Disrupted Festival of Ideas; and the AWESOME and Proximity Festivals
  4. Promoting the use of Optus Stadium, HBF Park and RAC Arena for large-scale sporting events and concerts by national and international performers
  5. Highlighting our natural landscape and outdoors by promoting local participation and attracting national and international competitors to high-profile, regular outdoor events such as the Margaret River Pro Surf League, Cape to Cape Mountain Bike Race, Rottnest Swim and Avon Descent.

We will create vibrant spaces and places throughout Western Australia by:

  1. Supporting the establishment of iconic trails and development of WA as a world-class trails and outdoor recreation destination
  2. Partnering with Aboriginal organisations, local communities and stakeholders to identify opportunities for trails tourism and guided cultural experiences on country
  3. Supporting organisations such as FORM, which has established the PUBLIC Silo Trail, transforming WA’s regional heartland into its largest outdoor art gallery
  4. Hosting art installations such as the Field of Light in Albany that showcase our history and natural beauty
  5. Partnering with the State’s cultural institutions to activate the Perth Cultural Centre and Yagan Square as major visitor attractions
  6. Developing places such as the Perth Concert Hall and activating the Sunset Heritage Precinct to attract visitors to the cultural events and activities
  7. Building a New Museum that will activate the Perth Cultural Centre, connect the regions and showcase WA stories and culture
  8. Upgrading the heritage-listed His Majesty’s Theatre to provide state-of-the-art services to the community and event organiser
  9. Creating a unique cultural space on the Art Gallery of WA rooftop for events, exhibitions and programs.

We will invest in infrastructure to leverage tourism opportunities by:

  1. Finalising DLGSC’s Cultural Infrastructure Strategy to grow cultural tourism opportunities through strategic partnerships and cultural infrastructure investment
  2. Promoting the use of the New Museum, Art Gallery of WA, State Theatre Centre, State Library of WA, Perth Concert Hall and His Majesty’s Theatre to showcase world-class performances and exhibitions for regional, national and international visitors
  3. Make WA’s rich art and cultural collections accessible to global audiences through online digital enhancement and communication.

We will support a thriving entertainment industry and grow the night-time economy by:

  1. Supporting our performing arts sector, concerts and events
  2. Showcasing our unique music industry through festivals and concerts such as RTRFM’s In the Pines and the Fremantle Festival, and touring music events such as Laneway and Falls Festival
  3. Utilising the Contemporary Music Fund to support artists, venues and festivals to help enliven the cultural experience and opportunities and promote safer venues in WA
  4. Working with the horse racing industry, Crown Casino and the Burswood Park Board to attract tourism events
  5. Working with government to undertake regulatory reform to support live music and entertainment venues, and cutting red tape to enliven hospitality venues and micro- festivals, creating more options for locals and tourists
  6. Continue planning projects such as providing expert advice to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage regarding the Northbridge Entertainment Precinct.

We will activate spaces to enhance community vibrancy and visitor experiences by:

  1. Changing liquor laws to give greater choice to consumers and visitors to the State
  2. Supporting established, local licensees to cater at temporary and pop-up bars at short-term events such as micro-festivals
  3. Supporting the attraction of new retail, restaurants and café to the Perth Cultural Centre.

We will partner with government and the private sector to showcase WA’s tourism potential by:

  1. Implementing a three-year partnership with the Tourism Council of WA to deliver workshops for State-based arts and cultural groups on creating cultural tourism products and visitor experiences
  2. Supporting the development of location-based screen and TV productions as a means of promoting the State
  3. Encouraging innovative public art strategies and supporting the WA Government’s Percent for Art Scheme to activate public areas
  4. Establishing together with the Perth Theatre Trust, local government and the private sector, a visitor centre and booking outlet in the Perth Cultural Centre
  5. Partnering with local governments, local businesses and regional communities to establish accreditation for Trail Towns and Trail Friendly Businesses.

At a glance... jobs and growth

  • 2,000,000 sports fans have walked through the gates at Optus Stadium since it opened in January 2018, including more than 122,000 regional, interstate and international visitors—making the stadium a sports tourism bright spot.
  • Adventure tourism, such as bike riding and trails, is one of the fastest growing tourism categories world-wide. Twenty-seven per cent of overnight visitors to WA in 2015-16 participated in nature-based outdoor recreation activities, an increase of 15% on previous years.
  • 32% of WA’s population was born overseas and 53% of Western Australians have one or both parents born overseas (Source: 2016 Census)—highlighting the opportunities for WA to attract overseas family members to multicultural tourism events here.
  • 11% WA Share of the National Tourism GVA.
  • More than 240 languages are spoken in Western Australia, including Aboriginal languages. Source: 2016 Census.
  • Cultural Tourism is the fastest growing international tourism sector. In the past five years, the number of international tourists who engaged in cultural tourism in Australia has grown at a higher rate (47 per cent), than international tourist numbers overall (37 per cent). Source: International Arts Tourism Report, Australia Council.
  • The number of international tourists attending festivals, fairs and cultural events increased by 61 per cent in the past five years, with more international tourists engaging with culture than visiting wineries, casinos or sporting events.  Source: International Arts Tourism Report, Australia Council.
  • Research is consistent that visitors want Aboriginal experiences and we have both world-class Aboriginal tour operators and world-class Aboriginal arts and cultural centres. 
  • Tourism WA has identified substantial unmet demand for authentic Aboriginal on-country experiences.
  • Media commentators note that the future of travel promotion will be immersive virtual reality (VR) which can help people ‘visit before they come’.
Page reviewed 11 September 2023