Local government audit contracts

Local government contract information obtained from confirmations received from the current audit firms.

A list of local government audit contracts
Local government Obtained signed contract dated pre 28 October 2017 Audit Firm 2016 30-Jun-17 30-Jun-18 30-Jun-19 30-Jun-20 30-Jun-21
Beverley ShireD17/17797+B45AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYesYes  
Boddington Shire D17/17797AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYes    
Boyup Brook ShireD17/17799AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYes    
Bridgetown-Greenbushes ShireD17/17799AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYes    
Bruce Rock ShireD17/17799AMD Chartered AccountantsYes    
Busselton CityD17/17797AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYes   
Capel ShireD17/17799 AMD Chartered AccountantsYes    
Collie ShireD17/17799AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYesYesYes  
Cue ShireD17/17801AMD Chartered AccountantsYes     
Donnybrook-Balingup ShireD17/17801AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYes    
Harvey ShireD17/17801AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYesYes  
Karratha CityD17/17797AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYes   
Manjimup ShireD17/17802AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYesYes  
Murray ShireD17/17802AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYesYes  
Pingelly ShireD17/17802AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYes   
Waroona ShireD17/17802AMD Chartered AccountantsYesYesYesYesYes
Gnowangerup ShireD17/17801AMD Chartered Accountants YesYes   
Greater Geraldton CityD17/17797AMD Chartered Accountants YesYes   
Meekatharra ShireD17/17802AMD Chartered Accountants YesYes   
Nannup Shire D17/17802AMD Chartered Accountants YesYes   
East Fremantle TownD17/18211Anderson Munro & WyllieYesYes   
Exmouth ShireD17/18745Anderson Munro & WyllieYes (MOORE STEPHENS)    
Goomalling ShireD18/01274Anderson Munro & WyllieYesYes   
Laverton Shire D17/18211Anderson Munro & WyllieYes    
Mount Magnet ShireD18/00879Anderson Munro & WyllieYesYes   
Murchison Regional Vermin CouncilD18/00879Anderson Munro & WyllieYesYes   
Narrogin ShireD17/18211Anderson Munro & WyllieYes    
Nungarin ShireD18/01584 Anderson Munro & WyllieYes    
Tammin ShireD17/18211Anderson Munro & WyllieYes    
Upper Gascoyne ShireD17/18211Anderson Munro & WyllieYesYes   
Victoria Plains ShireD18/02234 Anderson Munro & WyllieYesYes   
Dundas ShireD17/19164 and 19189Buter Settineri YesYes   
Koorda ShireD17/19189Buter Settineri Yes    
Dardanup ShireD17/19100  and D17/19164Butler SettineriYesYesYes  
Leonora ShireD17/19100 and D17/19164Butler SettineriYesYesYes  
Tamala Park Regional CouncilD18/20198Butler SettineriYesYesYesYes 
Williams ShireD17/19100 and D17/19164Butler SettineriYesYes   
Carnamah ShireD17/19100 and D17/19164Butler Settineri YesYes   
Cuballing Shire D17/19100 and D17/19164Butler Settineri YesYes   
Dalwallinu ShireD17/19100 and D17/19164Butler Settineri YesYes   
Esperance ShireD18/00350Butler Settineri YesYesYesYes 
Menzies ShireD17/19189Butler Settineri Yes    
Merredin Shire D17/19100, D17/19164 Butler Settineri YesYes   
Peppermint Grove Shire D17/19100 and D17/19164 Butler Settineri YesYes   
Southern Metropolitan Regional CouncilD18/00433Butler Settineri YesYes   
Wagin Shire D17/19100Butler Settineri YesYes   
Wandering ShireD17/19100 and D17/19164Butler Settineri YesYesYesYes 
Wickepin Shire D17/19100 and D17/19164Butler Settineri Yes (BUTLERS)Yes (BUTLERS)   
Mingenew ShireD17/19100 and D17/19164 Butler Settineri  Yes Yes    
Dandaragan ShireD17/18081ByfieldsYes     
Dowerin ShireD17/17801ByfieldsYes (AMD)Yes (AMD)   
Kondinin Shire D17/18077ByfieldsYes    
Kulin Shire D17/18076ByfieldsYesYes   
Kent ShireD17/18080Byfields YesYesYesYes 
Mandurah CityD17/17941DeloitteYesYesYesYes 
Belmont CityD18/00811Grant ThorntonYes    
Cambridge TownD18/00849Grant ThorntonYes    
Perth CityD18/00811Grant ThorntonYes    
Pilbara Regional CouncilD18/00350Grant ThorntonYes (BUTLERS)    
Rivers Regional CouncilD18/00811Grant ThorntonYes    
Rockingham CityD18/00850Grant ThorntonYes    
Stirling CityD18/00837 Grant ThorntonYes    
Wanneroo CityD18/00811Grant ThorntonYes    
Bayswater CityD18/00878Grant Thornton YesYes   
Bunbury City D18/00858 and D18/00859Grant Thornton Yes    
Bunbury-Harvey Regional Council D18/00858 and D18/00859Grant Thornton Yes    
Canning CityD18/00975Grant Thornton YesYes   
Kalamunda ShireD18/01393Grant Thornton YesYes   
Melville CityD18/00808Grant Thornton YesYes   
Broomehill-Tambellup ShireD17/17942LincolnsYesYesYes  
Cranbrook ShireD17/17942LincolnsYes    
Denmark ShireD17/17942LincolnsYes    
Jerramungup ShireD17/17942LincolnsYes    
Katanning ShireD17/18702LincolnsYes (MOORE STEPHENS)Yes (MOORE STEPHENS)   
West Arthur ShireD17/17942LincolnsYes    
Woodanilling ShireD17/17942LincolnsYes    
Ravensthorpe ShireD17/17942Lincolns Yes    
Wyalkatchem ShireD17/18780MacLeod CorporationYes    
Armadale CityD17/17184Macri PartnersYesYesYes  
Bassendean TownD17/17844 Macri PartnersYesYes   
Cockburn CityD17/18034Macri PartnersYes    
Cunderdin ShireD17/18034Macri PartnersYes    
Eastern Metropolitan Regional CouncilD17/16624 Macri PartnersYes    
Gosnells CityD17/17844Macri PartnersYesYes   
Mindarie Regional CouncilD17/17844Macri PartnersYesYesYes  
Mosman Park TownD17/19100 and D17/19164 Macri PartnersYes (BUTLERS)Yes (BUTLERS)   
Nedlands CityD17/17844Macri PartnersYesYes   
South Perth CityD17/18034 Macri PartnersYes    
Swan CityD17/18034Macri PartnersYesYes   
Victoria Park TownD17/17844Macri PartnersYesYes   
Vincent CityD17/18710Macri PartnersYes (MOORE STEPHENS)Yes (MOORE STEPHENS)   
Western Metropolitan Regional CouncilD17/17184Macri PartnersYesYes   
York Shire D17/18745Macri Partners Yes (MOORE STEPHENS)    
Kojonup Shire D17/17942Moore StephensYes (LINCOLNS) Yes (LINCOLNS)    
Kwinana CityD17/18704Moore StephensYesYes   
Lake Grace Shire D17/18704Moore StephensYesYes   
Ngaanyatjarraku ShireD17/18709Moore StephensYes (MOORE STEPHENS)Yes (MOORE STEPHENS)Yes (MOORE STEPHENS)Yes (MOORE STEPHENS) 
Albany CityD17/18701Moore Stephens YesYes   
Ashburton ShireD17/18701Moore Stephens YesYes   
Augusta-Margaret River ShireD17/18701Moore Stephens YesYesYes  
Brookton ShireD17/18745Moore Stephens Yes    
Broome ShireD17/18701Moore Stephens YesYes   
Carnarvon ShireD17/18701Moore Stephens YesYesYes  
Chapman Valley ShireD17/18705Moore Stephens YesYesYes  
Chittering ShireD17/18705Moore Stephens YesYesYes  
Christmas Island ShireD17/18706Moore Stephens YesYes   
Claremont TownD17/18708Moore Stephens YesYes   
Cocos (Keeling) Islands ShireD17/18707Moore Stephens YesYes   
Coolgardie Shire D17/18703Moore Stephens YesYesYes  
Coorow ShireD17/18703Moore Stephens YesYes   
Corrigin Shire D17/18703Moore Stephens YesYes   
Cottesloe TownD17/18745Moore Stephens Yes    
Derby-West Kimberley ShireD17/18703Moore Stephens YesYes    
Dumbleyung Shire D17/19457Moore Stephens YesYes (BUTLERS)         Yes( BUTLERS)  
Gingin ShireD17/18702Moore Stephens YesYesYesYes 
Irwin ShireD17/18702Moore Stephens YesYes   
Mukinbudin Shire D17/18704Moore Stephens YesYes   
Quairading ShireD17/18709Moore Stephens YesYesYesYes 
Serpentine-Jarrahdale ShireD17/18712Moore Stephens YesYes   
Shark Bay ShireD17/18712Moore Stephens YesYesYes  
Subiaco CityD17/18712Moore Stephens YesYes   
Three Springs ShireD17/18745Moore Stephens Yes    
Toodyay ShireD17/18712Moore Stephens YesYesYesYes 
Trayning ShireD17/18712Moore Stephens YesYesYes  
Westonia Shire D17/19100Moore Stephens Yes (BUTLERS)Yes (BUTLERS)   
Wongan-Ballidu ShireD17/18710Moore Stephens YesYesYesYes 
Wyndham-East Kimberley ShireD17/18713Moore Stephens YesYesYesYes 
Yilgarn ShireD17/18711Moore Stephens YesYesYesYes 
East Pilbara Shire D17/18703Moores Stephen YesYesYesYes 
Fremantle CityD17/18702 and d17/18742Moores Stephen YesYes   
Halls Creek ShireD17/18702Moores StephensYesYes   
Joondalup CityD17/18924Moores StephensYes    
Kalgoorlie-Boulder CityD17/18924Moores StephensYes    
Mount Marshall ShireD17/18704Moores StephensYesYesYes  
Narembeen ShireD17/18709Moores StephensYesYesYes  
Northam ShireD17/18709Moores StephensYesYes   
Northampton ShireD17/16623Moores StephensYes    
Kellerberrin ShireD17/18745Moores Stephens Yes    
Mundaring ShireD17/18704Moores Stephens YesYes   
Moora Shire D17/18926RSM  Bird Cameron Yes    
Morawa ShireD17/18926RSM  Bird Cameron Yes    
Murchison ShireD17/18177RSM Bird CameronYesYes   
Perenjori ShireD17/16620RSM Bird CameronYes    
Port Hedland TownD17/16620RSM Bird CameronYesYesYes  
Sandstone ShireD17/16620RSM Bird CameronYes    
Wiluna ShireD17/18035RSM Bird CameronYes (LINCOLNS) Yes (LINCOLNS) Yes (LINCOLNS)   
Yalgoo ShireD17/18926RSM Bird CameronYes    
Number of audits contracted to audit firms 14810238171
Percentage of audits contracted to audit firms per year 100%69%26%11%1%
Number of audits that the OAG would take over 046110131147
Total number of local and regional councils (confirmed by the department)148148148148148
Page reviewed 02 May 2019