Local government webinars

A series of webinars for the local government sector. 

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DLGSC currently has 2 regular webinar series specifically for the local government sector. One of the webinars is a partnership with LG Professionals WA and is targeted at local government professionals.

The other series called the Reform Webinars are aimed at a more general audience including elected officials, local government professionals, interested stakeholders and the general public.

Because the government is currently working on the most significant reforms to the sector in 25 years both are naturally focused on these reforms, though the LG Professionals WA webinar series will also cover other topics when necessary.

The webinars may cover similar materials but they will be different. The reform webinars offer longer presentations on a topic, while the LG Professionals WA webinars, because they are targeted at local government professionals only are a little more technical, and offer more opportunities for detailed questions.

Upcoming webinars

There are no upcoming events.

Reform webinars

Here you will find all the webinars about the reform of the Local Government Act 1995.

If you have questions about the reforms, we have put together a comprehensive suite of information, or you can contact a local government expert here at DLGSC on 1300 762 511 or by email at actreview@dlgsc.wa.gov.au

Reform webinar 1

9 March 2023

A general overview of tranche 1 of the reforms to the Local Government Act 1995. This webinar features an introduction by Minister Carey, a detailed breakdown of the reforms from DLGSC staff and some questions and answers.

Reform webinar 2

27 April 2023

An overview of optional preferential voting in local government elections.

Reform webinar 3

1 June 2023

Ward and representation changes.

Reform webinar 4

6 July 2023

Model Financial Statements and reform update.

Reform webinar 5

3 August 2023

Election processes and reform update.
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