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Help for individuals to replace their approved manager card.

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Replacement ID card

If your ID card has been lost, stolen, damaged or your name has changed you can request a replacement ID card via the approved manager replacement ID card application on our portal.

Step 1: Sign into the portal

  1. Visit the department's portal.
  2. Enter tour Username and Password in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Click Log in.

Forgotten username

If you have forgotten your username please contact the department on 61 8 6551 4999.

Forgotten password

If you remember your username, but have forgotten your password, please use click Reset Password on the portal homepage. If you have attempted to use this option, and the confirmation email did not come through to your email account, please contact the department for further assistance.

Step 2: Generate the replacement ID card application

To generate the renewal application:

  1. Locate and expand the Approvals section using the + buttons.
  2. Find the existing approval and click on the + button to open the available options.
  3. Click on Approved Manager Replace ID Card.
  4. Follow the prompts and answer all questions*.    Please confirm/update your contact details when prompted.
  5. Click Submit to finish the form
  6. Click Continue to proceed to the payment section.

*You are unable to change your name via your account for security reasons. When asked the reason for the replacement card please select ‘Other’ and input your new name. Once the application has been assessed you will be required to produce a proof of name change document as evidence to support the change of name request, a processing officer will contact you requesting this document.


Step 3: Making payment to complete the lodgement

Your application is not deemed lodged until payment has been received by this department.

After completing the application form you will be directed to the payment section. Alternatively you can make payment via the My Account page under Outstanding Fees.

  1. Locate and expand the Outstanding Fees section using the + buttons.
  2. Locate your outstanding fee and click the + button to open the available payment options.
  3. Select either Pay Online or View Quote:
    1. Pay Online will allow you to pay immediately via credit/debit card.
    2. View Quote will instruct you on how to pay via BPay, cheque, money order or cash and will provide you with a quote to print and post with any non-electronic payments.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to complete your payment. Remember if mailing a cheque through to the department the cheque must be made payable to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

There are two different fees for this application depending on whether it is completed online or requires attendance at a participating WA Post Office that can take photos.

Please note that if you wish to have a new photograph taken for the ID card you will need to print off the application summary from your online application and take it to a participating WA Post Office together with ID to prove your identity and make payment. Your new photograph will be taken as part of this process. Please note that requesting a new photograph with your replacement ID card will result in a higher fee.

Approval of manager
Fee description Fee  (no GST applicable)
Application for approval of manager lodged at Australia Post$201
Upgrade from restricted licence to unrestricted licence lodged at Australia Post
Upgrade from restricted licence to unrestricted licence lodged online
Renewal of manager’s approval (identification card) for a period of 5 years lodged at Australia Post
Renewal of manager’s approval (identification card) for a period of 5 years lodged online$141.50
Replacement identification card lodged at Australia Post
Replacement identification card lodged online
Application fees are not subject to GST.


This information is designed to provide authoritative information regarding the subject matter covered, and with the understanding that the Director is not passing legal opinion or interpretation or other professional advice. The information is provided on the understanding that all persons undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its contents.

Page reviewed 02 December 2022