Computerised betting system

Lodgement guide for conducting a computerised betting system.

Betting Control Regulations 37.

Regulation 37 of the Betting Control Regulations 1978 makes provision for the recording of all betting transactions. This is conducted by recording the details of a bet onto a betting ticket for issue to the bettor, and duplicating the betting transaction into a bookmaker’s ledger. However, with the progress of technology, these transactions can now be undertaken with the assistance of a computer.

Regulation 37(5) enables a bookmaker to lodge an application with the Gaming and Wagering Commission of Western Australia to seek approval to use a computerised betting system to facilitate the recording of betting transactions. Prior to the Commission granting approval for the use of a computerised betting system, it must be satisfied that system you intend operating has been audited by an Inspector of the commission and meets the required output demands. Please note that this is not an application for a bookmaker’s licence.

Procedures for the conduct of a computerised betting system

  1. A computerised betting system shall not be used unless its configuration and output has been audited and approved by the Commission.
  2. An approved computerised betting system shall not be modified or changed unless consent for the specific modification of change is obtained from the Commission.
  3. Betting tickets are to bear consecutive numbers and be issued in consecutive order.
  4. Betting tickets produced by the computerised betting system must be in a form, size and colour approved by the Commission.
  5. A record of all betting transactions maintained on the approved computerised betting system must meet the requirements set out in Regulation 37 (1) of the Betting Control Regulations 1978.
  6. Where the Commission grants approval for the use of a computerised betting system such conditions as to:
    1. the use of;
    2. the time or circumstances of the use of;
    3. the colour, form or other specifications of betting tickets to be issued; and
    4. the format of the record to be produced by.
    the computer as the Commission specifies in that approval may be imposed. At any time by notice in writing given to the bookmaker, the Commission may cancel or vary the conditions imposed, or withdraw the approval.

Application fees

An application is not considered lodged until the fee has been received. An invoice for payment will be issued on receipt of your emailed or posted form and can either be paid through the licensee's online portal account, by posting a cheque made payable to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries or a BPOINT payment link can be emailed on request. Application fees are not subject to GST.

Applications will not be progressed until the fee is received. Generally the application fee is not refundable, even if the application is refused or withdrawn.


Fee description Fee (no GST applicable)
Application for a designated sporting event
Application for on-course telephone betting
Application for on-course internet betting$355
Application for approval to use a computer betting ledger system$83
Application for offshore betting$712

Application requirements

When lodging an application for authorisation to conduct telephone betting on sports or racing events the following information is to accompany the application:


Submitting your application

Ensure all required documentation is attached to your application.

In person

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Level 2, Gordon Stephenson House, 140 William Street Perth WA 6000

By email

Ensure all documentation is attached to your email.

By post

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

PO Box 8349
Perth Business Centre
WA 6849

Page reviewed 17 March 2021