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Tyrannotitan chubutensis fossil display at the museum

Photo: Tyrannotitan chubutensis. Image © Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio

'Dinosaurs of Patagonia' is a remarkable exhibition that showcases why Patagonia, located at the southern tip of South America, has provided the best fossil record of dinosaurs in the Southern Hemisphere.

Developed by the Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio in Argentina, the exhibition spans most of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods from 70 to 230 million years ago.

The exhibition showcases 16 dinosaur skeletons including Patagotitan mayorum, a colossal sauropod and one of the world's largest land animals (around 70 tonnes and 37 metres long), Tyrannotitan chubutensis, one of the most ferocious predators of the Cretaceous period (six tonnes and 12 metres long), and Manidens condorensis, by contrast, one of the smallest herbivore dinosaurs known to date (75 centimetres tall).

Visitors can explore the Dinosaurs of Patagonia exhibition through the eyes of palaeontologists and learn how they unravel the history of our planet through stories embedded in ancient rocks. There will be 3D animations and videos, and visitors can get close to some of the world's most remarkable fossils (including a 2.4m Patagotitan femur).

The exhibition will be on display at the WA Museum Boola Bardip from 2 July to 23 October 2022.

Dinosaurs of Patagonia


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