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Protected Entertainment Precincts will be established in Northbridge-Perth, Fremantle, Scarborough, Hillarys and Mandurah with legislation banning violent offenders and perpetrators of antisocial behaviour from these precincts.

Indicative boundaries were created for the 5  precincts following advice from WA Police and further consultation will be undertaken with stakeholders to refine the precinct boundaries.

Protected Entertainment Precincts (PEP) are named in honour of Giuseppe "Pep" Raco, the victim of an unprovoked one-punch attack in Northbridge in July 2020.

Mandatory exclusion from these areas will apply to anyone convicted of various violent and sexual offences within the precincts, such as murder, sexual penetration without consent and unlawful assault causing death, along with drink spiking offences, for a period of five years after they are released from prison. Breaches of this exclusion face a penalty of up to five years imprisonment and a $12,000 fine.

Police can also issue an order to exclude someone for up to 6 months, and further apply for an order of up to 5 years.

Exclusion orders can apply when:

  • a person behaves in an unlawful, antisocial, disorderly, offensive, indecent and threatening way in a precinct; and
  • the person being in the precinct could cause violence or public disorder or impact the safety of others.

The penalty for breaching short-term and extended exclusion orders is up to 2 years imprisonment, and a fine of $12,000.

Exemptions to exclusion from the precincts will apply for work, residential, education, health and other approved purposes.


Page reviewed 27 February 2023