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Alluvial Gold by Louise Devenish, Erin Coates and Stuart James. Produced by Tura New Music. Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, June 2022. Photo by Edify Media.

Photo: Sandfly performers skip through a scene of ‘Ahoy!’ by the Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus. Theatre Kimberley, Broome, 2022. Photo by Robak Photography.

The Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups and the Arts Projects for Organisations grant programs support the development and growth of a sector that promotes the participation and active engagement of WA communities in high quality arts and cultural experiences.

The programs, which have three rounds of funding each financial year, offer up to $80,000 each for artists and creative industry professionals and organisations to deliver a one-off project or program of activities.

In the latest round of funding, which opened on 19 December 2023 and closed on 1 February 2024, there were 46 successful applicants sharing a total of $1,315,475 in the ‘individuals and groups’ stream and there were 29 successful applicants sharing $1,792,013 in the ‘organisations’ stream.

Applications for the next funding round are now open and close on 30 May 2024.

Successful applicants for the Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups grant program:

A.M Birch & G Newton-Wordsworth — Joan & The Giants 10 track debut album — $24,850.  

Perth alt-pop rock band to record and release a 10 track debut album in July and August 2024.

Allen, Natalie — Fremantle Arts Centre Residency — $69,037

An 8-week residency at Fremantle Arts Centre diving into the depths of shame that will be the central idea of a new immersive dance theatre work, 'The Abyss'. Lead artist Natalie Allen will create, and collaborate methodologies with human behavioural trauma specialist, Sylvia Marina.

Barker, Emily Ann Barker — UK Promotional Tour — $16,079

WA based singer songwriter to undertake a three-week promotional tour of their new album in the United Kingdom in May 2024.

Boroujeni, Fatemeh — Shirzan, exhibition — $10,750

The completion of work for IOTA24 exhibition at John Curtin Gallery in August. The elements will enhance and seamlessly integrate carved 3D works into a cohesive and impactful showcase and visitor experience.

Burrows, Emily — Web Rumors — Album Marketing, Promotion and Distribution in Europe and UK — $10,809

Perth new wave musician/producer to market, promote and distribute her new album in Europe and the UK from May to November 2024.

Button, Joshua — Once upon a time, the Buttonverse — $15,090

Training at the Centre for Stories in Perth to create imaginary characters from the Buttonverse, a parallel universe where all my alter egos and personal experiences live.

Carmody, Samuel Stephen — Gracetown, draft of second novel — $40,911

Funding to research, write and develop a full first draft and subsequent second draft of Gracetown, and engage editor Zoë Bradley to complete two manuscript assessments.

Cheng, Jacky — Interwoven remnants for IOTA 2024 — $21,640

Funding to expand on and resolve an experimental body of work begun in 2023 utilising canvas offcuts from Spinifex Hill Studio to create new woven works to be installed as a large-format site-specific work at FORM Gallery in Perth.

Cironis, Olga — Noise in this Silence, exhibition — $23,618

An exhibition at Art Collective in June 2024 which will include 13 violins individually covered and stitched in grey military blankets, suspended in the gallery with seven speakers transmitting sounds of human movement in nature.

Elson, Sarah — I can’t help but pull the earth around me to make my bed, exhibition — $12,897

Funding for the display of work in a collaborative exhibition to be held at WA Art Collective in October 2024. The exhibition will bring together work from both Sarah Elson and Ric Spencer and include drawings and metal sculpture. The funding is essential for framing of large pencil drawings, vitrine making for the display of sculptures and photography.

Elstermann, Scott Marcus — Foleyvision, final development and presentation — $78,696

Foleyvision is a new contemporary dance work choreographed by Scott Elstermann. Funding is required to support a final three-week development, production week and five show presentation season at Subiaco Arts Centre Studio in October 2024.

Franz, Caterina — Development and production of major new work — $12,000

Production of a new work that delves into the role of seamstresses in 1950s and 1960s Italian society. The installation will form part of an exhibition to be held at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, UWA in September 2024.

Gardiner,Leigh —  Tender is the Night 2024  — $14,992

Western Australian singer songwriters perform their music in concert with a string quartet in Perth from May 2024 to February 2025.

Haakansson, Elham —  a love letter to the Nightingale, theatre adaptation — $64,388

A new immersive play by Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson in collaboration with Iranian-Australian emerging artists and an expert support team, premiering as part of The Blue Room Theatre’s Annual Season in October 2024.

J A Champion & J K Osborne & N J Osborne — Yomi Ship European Tour and Showcase — $38,497

Perth instrumental progressive band to undertake a European tour and showcase from May to August 2024.

JD Ellis & JM Terlick & BJ Wilkie & AD Wright — Alter Boy Album Campaign — $37,027

Perth alternative pop band to complete the mixing, mastering, marketing, and promotional materials for their debut album in Perth from May to October 2024.

Klysz, Libby — Producer professional development — $23,090

Bespoke professional development for performing arts producing in mid-2024 including skill sharing/ upskilling with other independent producers.

Kobayashi, Hiroshi — Rhizograph-Rhizogram, exhibition — $14,594

A 2024 solo exhibition, a workshop, and the creation of an interactive WebGL site at Rockingham Arts Centre, showcasing the artist's unique machinery production methods, followed by participation in the Moores Building Art Space Studios Program.

L Allan-McConchie & SD Henry & BK Lush  Primrose Path - Record and Release New Songs  $9,260

Perth progressive rock/metal to band record and release four new songs in Perth from May to July 2024.  

Lawson, Andrew — L.A. Professional Development Trip — $7,053

WA producer/sound engineer to undertake a professional development trip in Los Angeles in September 2024.

LM Del Fante & TC Harper & SB Torrance — Ghost Care — 'Don't I Know U' East Coast Single Tour — $8,655

Perth independent rock band to undertake an east coast tour to promote new single in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in May 2024.

Longley, Samuel — VEHICLE, Canadian Fringe tour — $17,995

Remounting and then touring the Western Australian independent theatre production of VEHICLE to the Montreal and Ottawa Fringe Festivals in mid-2024.

MA Greenwood & FA Lessac-Greenwood — National author tour — $9,611

Presentation at the StoryArts Festival in Queensland and school visits and workshops in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Victoria, to coincide with the release of 'The Dragon's Treasure' and 'The Vanishing' to be published by Fremantle Press in July 2024.

Mah, Hock Meng Desmond — Twisted tree tells his tales, a solo exhibition — $9,510

A solo exhibition of 12 contemporary paintings to be held at the Mossenson Galleries, Perth/Boorloo in Oct 2024.

McKinlay, Megan — The Cumulo-Nimbus Boys' Choir, novel development — $17,028

Research and writing of a novel for ages 8 to 12 in 2024. The work will have broad narrative appeal for its intended readership in addition to being richly thematic and thought-provoking. Its publication will both consolidate and diversify a longstanding career as a writer for young people.

McKnight, Justine — The Net of Time, collaborative project completion and residency — $24,075

Completion of long-term collaborative project over a one month residency at Fremantle Arts Centre in September and October 2024.

Meakins, Timothy — Body Mould, exhibition — $31,766

The creation and exhibition of new works that aim to investigate the visual capabilities of our bodies, probing and stretching the possibilities of muscular transformation. This project will take place at Sweet Pea, Perth, in 2024 and create the opportunity to collaborate with UAP.

Mitchell, Adam — Perth Playwriting Festival — $79,052

A nine-day playwriting festival consisting of workshops, readings and panels in November 2024.

Mitchell, Scott-Patrick — Incantations To A Drowned Canyon, book — $29,370

Funding for 14 months to complete a second poetry collection and assist with researching the coastal landscape and the way West Australians – and particularly those who are working class and financially unstable – access our beaches. Activity will also include three free workshops exploring The Poetry of WA Beaches, and 15 hours of mentoring from Alan Fyfe.

Nelson, Sarah — Into The Fog — $61,856

This funding will support the continued development of  'Into the Fog', a multidisciplinary theatre work integrating unconventional masks, puppetry, illusion and interactive design. Evolving the everyday into the hyperreal, ‘Into the Fog’ is inspired by Nelson’s account of living in prolonged isolation with Long Covid and her subsequent development of FND (Functional Neurological Disorder). This development is supported through PICA’s residency program.

OC Bolt & JW Tesser — Ra Ra Viper - Debut Album — $25,835

Perth indie rock band to record and release their debut album in Perth from May 2024 to February 2025.

Oceanique Music — Oceanique to record and release their second album — $23,570

Albany Indie folk duo to record and release their second album in regional WA from May 2024 to May 2025.

Perret, Martine — Djanga — Spirit — $14,624

The final stage of creative development of work by Martine Perret in collaboration with Elders Vivian Brockman Webb and Mitchella Hutchins with artist Roly Skender towards project titled: 'Djanga-Spirit', which focuses on Wardandi culture. The culminating exhibition and installation will integrate photography, video, audio, music, and be presented at The Farm Margaret River during Margaret River Open Studios in Sept and at the Museum of the Great Southern in Albany from Nov 2024 to March 2025.

Phillips, Perdita — Expanded Terrains parts 1 and 2: creating and exhibiting art about geology and place — $32,963

A period of intense studio developments to develop a suite of artworks that expand on a 2023 Activating Collections AIR Program at Museum of the Goldfields. Photographs, animations, prints, and short videos will be created for exhibition at Artgold.

Purtill, Emily Tsokos — ELIA, development — $6,209

Funding to work on writing second Greek-Australian novel which will focus on an immigrant family and their olive groves in Australia and in Greece.

Ransom, Tanya — New Album Recording — $36,466

WA singer songwriter to record a studio album featuring 11 folk country songs in Bunbury from August to October 2024.

Redhead, Tracy — Semantic Machine — Final Development — $15,100

Multifaceted WA artist's Final Development of the Semantic Machine app, an innovative song/mobile application from May to August 2024.

Robinson, Tyrone — squared-OFF — a double bill — $77,617

This funding is for the presentation of two full length dance shows (Madre Muerte & Acid Trip) by Tyrone Earl Lraé Robinson. This program is a representation of the diverse works that Tyrone creates as part of the OFF-base collective.

Schwarz, Janien — Underfoot: Melange — $8,717

The Underfoot collective is exhibiting Melange at Mundaring Arts Centre as part of IOTA24. Funding will support gallery hire and a residency that will transform Gallery 2 into an experiential geo-themed space for conversations and exchanges between the arts and sciences.

Searle, Sarah — A Home in Her, a graphic novel — $13,835

A Home in Her is a graphic novel set in Western Australia that explores themes of language, identity, and home. Funding is requested to support the final steps of project creation, plus expenses associated with the printing and promotion of a self-published art edition.

Symczycz, Kirsten — Debut Album — $20,625

Perth composer, pianist, and accordionist to record and release a debut album of original compositions in Perth from May 2024 to March 2025.

The Trustee for Pond Band Unit Trust — Pond 13-date US tour to promote 10th studio album — $40,393

Perth indie band to undertake a 13-date US tour to promote the release of their 10th studio album in May 2024.

Tippett, Monique — Reach Scotland international art residency and Edinburgh sculpture workshop — $16,498

Expansion of creative relationship with 3D sculpture and wood during a a four-week research and development residency and Edinburgh sculpture workshops in 2024.

Tweedie,Mark — Carnarvon residency and solo exhibition — $17,862

A research and development residency in Carnarvon during June 2024, including community and school workshops, followed by the creation of a new body of work for a solo exhibition at Art Collective WA in 2025.

Van der heyden, Christy — Gutharraguda Kaju Katka (Skywalk), TEXTILES FROM THE PARK — $79,982

HOOSH Designs has been invited by local Traditional Custodian and SkyWalk Café operators Nhanda Enterprises in Kalbarri National Park to contribute to the The Nanda Gutharraguda Kaju Katka (Skywalk) bush tucker project event by creating a fashion and wearable arts project.

Weston, Julie — Hickey Hardware fashion collections — $50,983

Marketing project to support product diversification of Hickey Hardware in 2024 with medical scrubs and commercial upholstery to deliver sustainable commercial viability and growth.

Sandfly performers skip through a scene of ‘Ahoy!’ by the Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus. Theatre Kimberley, Broome, 2022. Photo by Robak Photography.

Sandfly performers skip through a scene of ‘Ahoy!’ by the Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus. Theatre Kimberley, Broome, 2022. Photo by Robak Photography.

Successful applicants for the Arts Projects for Organisations grant program:

Australian Dance Council - Ausdance WA Branch Inc — Capacity Building Program — $80,000

WA dance organisation to deliver a program of professional development and provide critical services to build the capacity of the WA dance industry from July 2024 to June 2025.

Big hART Inc — Punkaliyarra Creative Development — $75,000

Multi-art form project that will deliver two creative developments of a performance work in Roebourne from May to December 2024.

Centre for Culture and Technology, Curtin University — String Craft: Bilum + Dilly Bags — $53,100

'String Craft: Bilum + Dilly Bags' will exhibit at the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial, commencing November 2024, to promote Western Australian string craft artists and practices. The exhibition will celebrate the cultural and gendered significance of string crafts to indigenous Australian and Papua New Guinean communities, notably the Aboriginal Dilly Bag and the PNG Bilum.

Children's Book Council of Australia Western Australian Branch Inc — CBCA WA Children's Book Week 2024® — $75,000

A children's book week event to be held in metropolitan & country centres across WA in August 2024.

Cool Change Contemporary Inc. — Cool Change Special Projects Partnership with Pakenham Art Space— $62,729

Cool Change and Pakenham Street Art Space will partner in 2024 to accept proposals from emerging and experimental practitioners to fill their upstairs gallery. The partnership will allow Cool Change to combine networks and resources to expand its audience base and set a precedent for future collaborations.

DesignFreo Inc — Fremantle Design Week 2024 — $79,315

A multi-disciplinary design festival that brings seven days of exhibitions, talks, tours, workshops, films, open studios, and special events to Fremantle in October 2024.

Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC — Moorditj Koominyoo Dit Koorl (Strong Community Together) — $78,000

Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation will deliver three linked community arts projects led by First Nations artists in 2024: NAIDOC Week, Esperance Wildflower Festival, and Boodja Dwordak Wirn / Bringing Country's Spirit Back to Life Light Trail with Illuminart. These projects will produce two public community sculpture outcomes and two community dance performances.

International Art Space Pty Ltd — Circular Economies, Stage One Development — $64,350

Stage one of a two-year program of residency-based, context responsive projects in regional WA communities by five international, national, and local artists, that will facilitate knowledge sharing between regional communities and artists across the globe. Artists will spend six weeks engaging communities to develop collaborative projects addressing local issues.

Jindahood Pty Ltd — Follow the Sun — $40,000

WA singer and songwriter to create a book of songs and illustrations in both Noongar and English in Perth and Bunbury from June 2024 to April 2025.

Margaret River Region Open Studios Inc — Marketing uplift for Margaret River Region Open Studios 2024 — $66,000

Margaret River Region Open Studios will increase its marketing efforts for the 2024 event by providing a high-quality marketing mix delivered by local professions. It will include an enhanced 60-page event guide, PR and publicity, social media management, professional photography and videography, and e-news preparation.

Music Book Stories Inc. — Chimera Ensemble's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Concert — $13,212

Perth chamber music organisation to stage a 10th year anniversary chamber music concert in Perth from 2 May to 26 May 2024.

Perth Comic Arts Festival Organising Committee — Perth Comic Arts Festival activities for 2024-2025 — $62,277

Perth comic arts festival to deliver an annual program of free activities in Perth from May 2024 to April 2025.

Perth International Cabaret Festival Limited — Creative planning and business development for Perth International Cabaret Festival — $80,000

In July 2024, the Perth International Cabaret Festival will launch a series of cabaret activities and shows during the year to increase the profile, understanding and popularity of cabaret across the state.

Perth International Jazz Festival Inc. — 2024-25 Perth International Jazz Festival Program of Events — $79,600

Perth International Jazz Festival will run a year-round series of events including an annual program of live music performances complement at Camelot Hall in Mosman Park. The program of events will complement the multi-weekend Jazz Festival in Perth and the South-West of WA, commencing in October 2024.

Propel Youth Arts WA Incorporated — Propel Launchpad — $80,000

Youth arts organisation to undertake a new pilot initiative that empowers young and emerging artists in WA from June 2024 to April 2025.

Pvi Collective Ltd — 'booster' Creative Development and Programming — $50,000

‘booster’ has been commissioned by The Substation (VIC) and Perth Festival to undertake creative development and beta testing over three years.  This second stage development will incorporate creative development and interface programming and design for this immersive performance role playing game.

Same Drum Pty Ltd — Business Development — $79,930

Not or profit WA arts and digital organisation to undertake professional and skills development to develop commercial sustainability in Perth from July 2024 to June 2025.

Sculpture at Bathers — Sculpture at Bathers 2025 — $79,730

Sculpture at Bathers is a 17-day biennial arts event staged at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach/ Manjaree, showcasing the works of contemporary Western Australian sculptors. Opening March 2025, it is a free and accessible public event which will include a sculpture trail, indoor exhibition, and public programs.

Segrave Pty Ltd — Presentation at Sydney Contemporary 2024 — $9,458

Perth art gallery Moore Contemporary to present art works by three Western Australian artists at Sydney Contemporary 2024 in September 2024.

South Summit Band Pty Ltd — South Summit - National Headline Tour For Debut Album — $23,550

South Summit Band will embark on a headline tour of their new album around Australia and to New Zealand in the latter half of 2024. Performances in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, Auckland and Brisbane will average a 500 capacity and mark South Summit's biggest headline tour to date.

The Artists’ Foundation of Western Australia Limited — Artsource’s Annual Program of Activities — $80,000

Artsource will support Western Australian visual artists with a member services program including professional development, insurance, networking, exhibitions, employment and advocacy services. It will also promote Western Australian artists, liaise with stakeholders such as local governments to connect them with artists, manage subsidised artist studios and Old Customs House.

The Equity Benevolent Guild of WA Inc — The 2024 Performing Arts WA Awards — $22,000

The 2024 Performing Arts WA Awards will be held at the Heath Ledger Theatre on 12 August 2024 to celebrate performing arts professionals across theatre, dance, musicals and opera.

The Perth Centre for Photography Inc — Annual Program of Exhibitions — $80,000

The Perth Centre for Photography will deliver an exhibition, education and audience engagement program showcasing local, national, and international artists. The program will feature collaborations with galleries and institutions from across WA to reach new audiences and participants.

The Southern River Band Pty Ltd — 'Stan Qualen' European/UK Single Tour — $78,000

Perth rock band to undertake their first international tour of Europe and the UK in May and June 2024.

Theatre 180 Inc — Catalpa — Flight to Freedom’ Creative Development — $59,547

Theatre 180 will collaborate with WA Museum in a stage one creative development for its fifth Cineplay production. The plays tell the historical story of the Catalpa rescue of six Fenians from Fremantle prison in 1986, to coincide with a WA Museum exhibition for the events’ 150th anniversary.

Wanjoo Pty Ltd — Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse Llais Festival (Cardiff) Residency — $31,241

Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse will engage in a residency and a performance at the 2024 Llais Festival, Cardiff. The residency will include six workshops with linguistically diverse young people, connecting culture and language, while learning songs that will be performed as a youth choir of more than 150 voices.

Warlayirti Artists Aboriginal Corporation Inc — Annual Program of Events and Outreach — $79,921

Aboriginal arts organisation to deliver an annual program of events & outreach across the Kutjungka/Kimberley from May 2024 to April 2025.

Woodfordia Inc — Off the Beaten Track — $57,585

Not-for-profit community organisation to commission musicians to perform live original music in small local halls in rural/regional WA from June to September 2024.

Writing WA Inc — Perth Metropolitan Emerging Writers Development Program — $74,052

Writing WA will present a highly focused professional development program in support of 20 emerging Western Australian writers, to develop their career sustainability and the skills to find trade publication. The project builds on the framework of Fremantle Press’ previous emerging writers’ programs and will include mentoring, writing workshops and ongoing mentorship support.   

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