A list of publications put out by the department's service areas.

List of publications


Sale of Liquor on the Internet

Guidance for licensees regarding selling liquor on the internet.

Website information for certain licences

Guidance as to the legislative requirements relating to websites maintained by, or on behalf of the licensee.

Section 40 certificate of local planning authority

Guidance on submitting an unconditional section 40 certificate (certificate of local planning authority) or development approval lodged in lieu of a section 40 certificate.

Safety and Security at licensed premises

Including those licences issued as an Occasional Licence.

Responsible promotion and advertising of liquor

This document provides the industry with a framework of practices to follow in the responsible promotion and advertising of liquor.

Standards of licensed premises

Guidance as to the legislative requirements and criteria that will be used when considering the suitability of premises to be licensed under the Act.

Outlet density — packaged liquor premises

Guidance on packaged liquor sales.


Guidance on lodgers on licensed premises.

Harm minimisation

The sale, supply and consumption of liquor needs to be carefully regulated.

Fire safety measures in licensed premises

A policy to provide a set of minimum fire safety measures for licensed premises

Extended Trading Permits — area (ongoing)

Guidance on the legislative requirements relating to extended trading permits (ETP) for extended areas.

Extended Trading Permits — Ongoing and Indefinite

This document provides guidance on extended trading permits that are sought for ongoing (i.e. long term) or indefinite circumstances and the factors that the licensing authority may have regard to when considering applications for these permits.

Extended Trading Permits/Variations — One-off events or functions

Under section 60 of the Act the licensing authority may grant an extended trading permit (ETP) authorising the licensee to sell and supply liquor in circumstances to which the licence would not otherwise apply.

Entertainment condition

A standard entertainment condition is imposed on most licences.

Public Interest Assessment

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on the possible content of public interest assessment (PIA) submissions.

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