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10 Year Vision for Culture and the Arts in Western Australia

Western Australia’s arts, culture, and creative industries are central to the future development of the state. They create jobs, attract tourists, are essential to our social fabric and sense of identity, and enhance wellbeing. They tell and celebrate our stories to the world.

After a time of great instability due to global disruptions it is time to create a vision for the next 10 years. This will help us build an even stronger, more robust and innovative arts, culture, and creative industries sector for the future.

The Australian Government’s National Cultural Policy: Revive: A place for every story, a story for every place outlines a 5 year plan to revive the arts in Australia.

The State Government’s economic development framework, Diversify WA, shows our commitment to diversifying the economy. Our arts, culture, and creative industries provide significant opportunities to lead economic development by growing our state’s creative skills, innovation, intellectual property, cultural exports, global audiences and markets.

Beyond economic impacts, our arts, cultural and creative industries promote social cohesion, give us a shared identity, and provide significant social and mental health benefits. Our sector is the great connector, includer and provider of safe and exciting opportunities for all people to participate in their local communities.

We have the world’s oldest living and continuous Aboriginal cultures, stretching back at least 65,000 years, with stories reaching to the Permian Ice Age, 350 million years ago.

Our world-renowned artists are just as likely to live in remote communities, as they are to live in cities. Our creative industry leaders reach international markets direct from regional towns.

It is with excitement and anticipation that I start this process to develop a 10 Year Vision for Culture and the Arts in Western Australia that will build on the exceptional talent and expertise we have in 2023. It is important that we walk this journey together to take advantage of the opportunities the next 10 years will bring.

Imagine what we can achieve by 2033. The planning for our creative future starts now.

Hon David Templeman MLA
Minister for Culture and the Arts; Sport and Recreation; International Education; Heritage

10 Year Vision for Culture and the Arts in Western Australia

The Department of Local Government, Sport, and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) is seeking arts, culture, and creative industry input to the development of a 10 Year Vision for Culture and the Arts in Western Australia (10 Year Vision).

The 10 Year Vision is WA's opportunity to update Strategic Strategic Directions 2016-2031.

Strategic Directions 2016-2031 was developed in partnership with the sector through the Arts Leadership Group, involving extensive sector consultation. The document was the first to provide a unified vision for the arts, culture, and creative industries in WA, and was intended to provide a long-term strategic direction for the state.

While Strategic Directions 2016-2031 contains valuable insights and aspirations for WA’s arts, culture and creative industries, since the COVID-19 pandemic there is a need for an updated vision for the sector that reflects the changes in national and global context, and more clearly articulates the State Government’s priorities for our arts, culture, and creative industries in line with wider priorities for the state.

Strategic Directions 2016-2031’s vision is: 'for Western Australia to be the best place it can be to live, work and play thanks to the contribution of its arts, culture and creative industries.'

The key areas identified in Strategic Directions 2016-2031 are:

  • population growth
  • regional and outer metropolitan WA
  • Perth metropolitan area
  • Aboriginal arts and cultures
  • children and youth
  • economic diversification
  • education and training
  • technology
  • climate change.

These areas remain high priorities into 2033; however, several of the milestones outlined in Strategic Directions 2016-2031 have been achieved, as outlined in the table on the following pages. Other milestones from Strategic Directions 2016-2031 need further consideration as part of the process to develop the 10 Year Vision.

A more detailed review assessing achievements against the intended outcomes of Strategic Directions 2016-2031 is also available.

Milestones and achievements by 2021

  • Implemented a progressive legislative and regulatory reform agenda:
  • Aligned and prioritised cultural infrastructure needs to the changing demographics of the state and the potential of repurposing and integrating heritage assets:
  • Strengthened the opportunities for Aboriginal people to celebrate and connect Western Australians with Aboriginal culture:
  • Facilitated regional and outer metropolitan arts development policies:
  • Developed State Planning Policies for cultural infrastructure and the arts:
    • Cultural Infrastructure Framework 2030+ released 2020.
  • Used new technology for performance measurement and public engagement:
    • establishment of Culture Counts
    • enhanced digital capacity of state venues.
  • A new museum for Western Australia:
  • Improved the preservation of and public access to state archives:
  • A screen production facility at ABC Studios:
    • ABC studios hosted The Heights seasons 1 and 2
    • film studio market-led proposal process underway for new Screen Production Facility.
  • A joint vision of library reform by State and local government:
  • Develop Local Government Cultural Plans to drive best practice and better leverage arts and culture spend across the State:
  • Undertaken a feasibility study to examine the advantages of a back office support centre for small organisations:
  • Establish a committee to oversee planning for the cultural celebrations of the bicentennial of Perth:
    • committee established by City of Albany (2026 commemoration)
    • state planning of the bicentennial has commenced.

Milestones and achievements by 2026

  • Embedded arts based creative learning across all schools in the state:

Milestones and achievements by 2031

  • Western Australian culture digitally connected to and experienced by the rest of the world:
    • Selling WA to the World (2020 to 2022) to equip ACT venues with live streaming capabilities.

10 Year Vision’s relevance to the National Cultural Policy, Revive: A place for every story, a story for every place

There is an opportunity for the State Government's 10 Year Vision to draw on the framework of the National Cultural Policy: Revive: A place for every story, a story for every place, the Australian Government's 5 year plan to revive the arts in Australia.

The State Government's 10 Year Vision can highlight opportunities to work effectively across all levels of government with the aim to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

Revive: A place for every story, a story for every place

5 pillars as outlined in the list below this image.
  1. Pillar 1: First Nations First
    Recognising and respecting the crucial place of First Nations stories at the centre of Australia’s arts and culture.
  2. Pillar 2: A Place for Every Story
    Reflecting the breadth of our stories and the contribution of all Australians as the creators of culture.
  3. Pillar 3:  Centrality of the Artist
    Supporting the artist as worker and celebrating artists as creators.
  4. Pillar 4: Strong Cultural Infrastructure
    Providing support across the spectrum of institutions which sustain our arts, culture and heritage.
  5. Pillar 5: Engaging the Audience
    Making sure our stories connect with people at home and abroad.

Like Revive, there is an opportunity to structure Western Australia's 10 Year Vision with key themes of focus areas.

    The DLGSC is seeking input to draw on expertise and insights of Western Australia's arts, culture, and creative industries to develop the 10 Year Vision. 

    The DLGSC has engaged experienced arts and cultural consultant Kate Larsen to support development of the 10 Year Vision.

    Developing a 10 Year Vision for Culture and the Arts in Western Australia

    Consultation to contribute to the 10 Year Vision is complete. If you would like to register for consultation to develop targeted strategies and plans in the coming years, please email 


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