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Whether you operate or work at a boxing gym, martial arts dojo, muay thai school, MMA training facility or traditional strength and conditioning gym, if you train combat sports athletes then consider adopting these best practices.


Trainers are qualified, knowledgeable and experienced in combat sports, provide evidence-based information, only advise within their scope of practice, do not support or promote rapid weight loss practices and are committed to a process of continual learning and self improvement.


Trainers provide services with due care and skill, adequately supervise training, advise on correct use of equipment, monitor athlete wellbeing (including concussion, dehydration or any pre-existing injuries) and adjust or cancel training of athletes accordingly.

Risk management

Hazards are identified, risks assessed, risk controls are in place and specific combat sport risks are addressed such as infection controls, sparring standards, mandatory protective equipment and the prohibition of rapid weight loss techniques.


Facility is well lit with good ventilation, safe access and egress is available, flooring and mats are fit for purpose, regular cleaning and facility inspections occur, training areas are kept clear and drug use/doping is forbidden.


Is fit for purpose, maintained and repaired to manufacturers specifications, routinely cleaned and inspected, stored appropriately, laid out with room to move safely and approved sparring protective gear is provided.

Emergency plan

First aid and fire equipment are readily available, emergency exit plans and signage are displayed, trainers are first aid/CPR certified and knowledgeable in first responder techniques for typical combat sports injuries and a stretcher can get in/out easily if needed.


Facility complies with planning and building requirements, safety and health laws are followed, Combat Sports Act/ Regulations/Rules are understood and complied with, working with children checks are in place where required and public liability/professional indemnity insurances are current.

Page reviewed 11 September 2023