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Ask 3 questions

1. Does the gym adopt best practices?

For your own protection ensure the gym is a legally registered business and fully insured. Good gyms adopt best business practices: professionalism, risk management and a customer care focus. First aid kits, fire safety equipment and emergency plans should all be readily available.

2. Are services provided with due care and skill?

Adequate supervision and provision of quality training, information and services is what you are paying for. Trainers and staff should be qualified, experienced and in the event of an emergency fully trained to respond. You should be adequately inducted into all aspects of using the gym and only given evidence-based advice.

3. Is the training facility fit for purpose?

At a minimum you deserve a safe clean, tidy and well organised training environment. Equipment should be the correct type for your combat sport, regularly serviced, well maintained and stored correctly. Good ventilation, non-slip floor surfaces, unobstructed floor space and good lighting are essential for all combat sport gyms.

Chat with the trainer

  • What's your combat sport experience?
  • How long have you been a trainer?
  • What qualifications do you have?
  • Are you first aid and CPR certified?
  • What's included in your program?
  • Do you have a nutrition background?
  • Working with Children card? (if under 18)

Do a health and safety scan

Check the gym:

  • fit for purpose equipment
  • good ventilation and lighting
  • clean, neat and tidy
  • good layout
  • first aid kit
  • fire safety equipment
  • emergency plan
  • safe access.

Check the vibe:

  • experienced staff
  • good culture
  • well supervised
  • friendly.
Page reviewed 11 September 2023