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Policy effective from 1 September 2015.


To ensure the safety of female contestants, all contestants aged 16 years and above will be required to submit a urine sample to the Medical Practitioner at the time of the weigh in for testing. 


Means Combat Sports Act 7987 (the Act)
Means a contest or exhibition of a combat sport, that is organised, arranged or promoted for profit or that is conducted for public entertainment or to which the public is invited.
A person who participates in a contest, whether for reward or not.
Means Combat Sports Regulation 2004 (the Regulations)

Legislative background

Pre contest medical examinations —

Section 49A. (1) (a)(b) 

Each person intending to participate in a contest must, within 24 hours before the contest —

  1. attend a medical practitioner approved by the Commission; and
  2. submit to an examination by the practitioner; and

Section 49A. (2) (d)(e) 

The medical practitioner whom a person attends under subsection (1) must do the following —

  1. record the result of the examination on a form approved by the Commission;
  2. if the practitioner is of the opinion that the person should not participate in the proposed contest because of the persons medical condition, record the opinion in the medical form.

Section 49A. (3) (a)(b)

If a form given by a medical practitioner to the Commission's appointee under subsection (2) states a person should not participate in a proposed contest because of a persons' medical condition, the Commission appointee —

  1. must inform the person who holds the permit for the contest, or that persons agent, of that fact forthwith; and
  2. give the person who holds the permit for the contest, or that persons agent, a copy of the form as soon as practicable.

Section 49A. (4)

If the person, who holds the permit for a contest, or that person's agent, is informed under subsection (3), the permit holder must ensure that the person does not participate in that contest.


This policy applies to all registered female contestant over the age of 16 years.


A contestant, who returns a positive result, fails to or refuses to provide a sample will not be allowed to compete and will be withdrawn from the fight card immediately.

At the time of the weigh in the Commission will:

  • provide the medical practitioner with a list of female contestant's names and ages.
  • provide the medical practitioner with the pregnancy tests.

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