Automatic recognition of licences

The Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) scheme makes it easier for workers who need to be licensed or registered for their job to work in other states and territories. 

AMR is now in effect in Western Australia.

If you are an interstate worker licensed in one of the occupations listed below, and want to temporarily work in WA, you can use your current licence without having to apply or pay for a new one.

You must notify the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) before starting work in WA.

AMR only applies to individuals. If you move to WA permanently must apply for a WA licence.

More information on the AMR scheme.



DLGSC and Gaming and Wagering Commission of Western Australia occupations covered by AMR:

  • casino employee
  • casino key employee
  • unrestricted approved manager
  • restricted approved manager
  • bookmaker
  • bookmaker's manager
  • bookmaker employee
  • gaming supplier (Category D: maintain/repair video lottery terminals).

Notification to work in WA

Once your completed notification form with required supporting evidence has been received it will be assessed. You will be advised by the department if your licence has been recognised for the purposes of AMR. You will not receive a substantive WA licence.

Other requirements for working in WA

If you are an AMR licensee, you must comply with the same conduct and technical requirements as WA licence holders. You are also restricted to working within the parameters of your existing licence.

For example, interstate bookmakers must also lodge bonding before they can commence fielding at WA race-courses. If there are any specific restrictive conditions on your home state licence, those restrictions also apply here in WA.

Working in another state or territory

If you are licensed/certificated in WA and want to work in another state or territory you will need to check if you are eligible for AMR and if it has started for your occupation in that particular state or territory.

Western Australians looking to work interstate are required to comply with the laws of that state or territory and may only work within the parameters permitted under their WA licence. Exemptions in other states or territories may impact on your ability to benefit from the AMR scheme in the short-term.

Further information regarding AMR in other states and territories:

Page reviewed 01 July 2022