Approved ID

Anyone purchasing takeaway alcohol in a banned drinker area will need to provide approved photo identification to retail staff before purchasing takeaway alcohol.

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Changes to how alcohol is purchased

Licensees of premises selling takeaway alcohol in a banned drinker area (BDA) are required to check the purchaser's photo identification against the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR) before selling takeaway alcohol.

This means no ID, no takeaway alcohol anywhere the BDR is in place, no exceptions.

Current approved forms of identification are:

  • all Australian Proof of Age Cards (includes WA Photo Card and Australia Post Keypass)
  • all Australian driver's licences (or international driver's licences in English showing name, date of birth and photo)
  • all Australian or international passports (ICAO standard).

A full list of approved forms of ID is provided below. For the purposes of the BDR, an expired but approved photo ID will be accepted as identification. However, there are no exemptions to the requirement to produce identification.

Anyone in WA who does not have an approved form of photo ID can apply for identification in person at a Regional Department of Transport (DOT) centre or agent, or at Australia Post. They must supply a combination of 5 original identity documents to verify your full name, date of birth and current residential address.

For a full list of suitable identity documents or for further information on how to apply for a photo ID or WA Driver's License please contact any Department of Transport Licensing Centre.

An Australia Post Keypass in Digital ID can be obtained by visiting Apply for a Keypass in Digital ID.

If you are registered with the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (AAC) they may be able to assist you with obtaining identification.


You can contact the department with any questions about the BDR by emailing or telephone 61 8 6551 4859 on weekdays.

State, national and international photo ID

A complete list of acceptable state, national and international photo ID has been compiled to remove confusion over what is and isn't approved for individuals.

Western Australia

  • WA Drivers Licence
  • WA Extraordinary Licence
  • WA Firearms Act Extract of Licence
  • WA Firearms Identification Card
  • WA Proof of Age Card
  • WA Learners Permit
  • WA Liquor Control Act 1988 Approved Manager
  • WA Photo Card
  • WA Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence
  • WA Working with Children Check
  • WA Licence to Perform High Risk Work.

New South Wales

  • NSW Drivers Licence
  • NSW Firearms Licence
  • NSW Learner Driver Licence
  • NSW Photo Card
  • NSW Provisional/Probationary
  • NSW Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence
  • NSW Proof of Age Card.

South Australia

  • SA Drivers Licence
  • SA Firearms Licence
  • SA Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence
  • SA Learners Permit
  • SA Proof of Age Card
  • SA Provisional/Probationary.

Australian Capital Territory

  • ACT Drivers Licence
  • ACT Drivers Licence Probation
  • ACT Firearms Licence
  • ACT Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence
  • ACT Learners Permit
  • ACT Proof of Age Card
  • ACT Proof of Identity Card
  • ACT Provisional Driver Licence.


  • QLD Drivers Licence
  • QLD Firearms Licence
  • QLD Learners Permit
  • QLD Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence
  • QLD Photo Identification Card
  • QLD Proof of Age Card.


  • VIC Provisional Licence
  • VIC Drivers Licence
  • VIC Firearms Licence
  • VIC Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence
  • VIC ID Card marine
  • VIC Learner Permit
  • VIC Proof of Age Card
  • VIC Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence.


  • Australian Passport
  • International drivers licences
  • International passports
  • Keypass.

Northern Territory

  • NT Drivers Licence
  • NT Evidence of Age (18 Plus Card)
  • NT Firearms Licence
  • NT Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence
  • NT Proof of Age Card


  • TAS Drivers Licence
  • TAS Firearms Licence
  • TAS Learners Drivers Licence
  • TAS Personal Information Card
  • TAS Restricted Drivers Licence
  • TAS Provisional/Probationary
  • TAS Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence
  • TAS Proof of Age Card.
Page reviewed 20 June 2024