Racing precedents

A list of precedents from determinations made by the Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal.


Stephen John Wolfe


Appeal allowed, referred to the Stewards


Disqualification for 2 years under Rule 177A for prohibited substances (Phenylbutazone and Oxyphenbutazone) in horse subsequently euthanised after an official trial. By a unanimous decision the appeal against conviction was dismissed. By a majority decision the appeal against penalty was upheld, the penalty quashed and the matter referred back to the Stewards to reconsider sentence.

Racing type


Thoroughbred racing rules

Offence type

Prohibited substances


Whilst Australian Rule 8(g) may not go far enough to authorise post mortems and dismemberment the Stewards? summarise the case which Mr Davies QC presented to the Tribunal on the matters addressed by these two grounds.

Paragraph number: 4 and 13 and 16 (Mr D Mossenson)

Decision file

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