The Bell Tower accessibility

The Bell Tower is on the Swan River foreshore in Perth.

  • This venue will have a sound installation which can be heard throughout the Bell Tower.
  • Close proximity parking is very limited.
  • Wheelchair access throughout the tower is generally good.
  • The use of inadequately marked glass panels and doors, and poor signage, may present barriers for those with impaired vision.
  • Accessible toilets have excellent fittings and fixtures.

Purchasing your ticket

Tickets are available via:

  • The Bell Tower website
  • Telephone: +61 88 6210 0444
  • Mail: Barrack Square, Perth WA 6000 
  • TTY relay system: 13 25 44

Assistance available

There is assistance available at this venue. It is suggested you ring the venue beforehand to discuss your specific access needs.

Telephone +61 8 6210 0444

Public transport

  • There is a bus stop at the West side of the square.
  • There is a blue CAT bus to this venue.
  • The bus stop is accessible.
  • There is a set-down point on Barrack Square suitable for cars, taxis, maxi taxis, small buses, large buses.


  • There is one accessible parking bay shared by all facilities within the Square.
  • The bay is wide and even.
  • The bay is identified by the International Symbol of Access, which is very small.
  • The bay is located on the south east corner of the Square.
  • Additional parking is available in City of Perth car park 1A located in Terrace Road. There is an accessible path of travel, but it is approximately 300 metres long.

Approach to the building

  • The path from the accessible parking bay to the front door is wide and even, and approximately 50 metres long.
  • The path from the bus stop to the front door is wide, even, and approximately 50 metres long.
  • The path from the set-down area to the front door is wide, even and approximately 30 metres long.
  • Mountable kerbs are in place of kerb ramps.
  • Signage is clear,
  • There are steps and a ramp from Barrack Square to the forecourt of the Belltower.

Main entrance

The building is accessed via two automatic glass sliding doors which may be visually confusing for those with low vision.

Foyer, corridors and general areas

There is sufficient circulation space to move through all essential areas of this facility.

Lifts and stairs

  • There is a lift available behind the reception counter.
  • The lift is big enough for a wheelchair, and has two sets of control buttons.
  • Circulation space outside the lift is big enough to allow wheelchair access on all levels. Larger style electric wheelchairs may have difficulties on Level 6.
  • The lift has large tactile buttons which are lit up.
  • The internal and external control panel is low enough to be reached from a wheelchair. The lift has an audible bell.
  • The lift accesses all publicly accessible floors.

Exhibition area

  • At the time of the audit, there is sufficient circulation space to move through the exhibition area.
  • There is no hearing aid augmentation loop available.


Pricing is the normal entrance cost.


  • There is a unisex wheelchair accessible toilet facility on the second level.
  • The toilet complies with Australian Standards, except for a door which is slightly too narrow and too heavy.
Page reviewed 21 October 2020