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Many of the significant issues which are being investigated fall broadly within that concept of the culture of the organisation. Culture as it is reflected in good government for the residents, ratepayers and visitors to the City of Perth.

The culture of an organisation permeates all aspects of its functioning, including governance, accountability, integrity and compliance.

The Inquiry welcomes the challenge to help restore community confidence in our State’s capital. The role of the public in this process is not to be underestimated, particularly given the importance of the Inquiry’s role in restoring confidence in the City of Perth.

The Inquiry has invited anyone who believes they have insights or information about the City of Perth relevant to its Terms of Reference to come forward.

As well as taking written submissions, the Inquiry into the City of Perth will be holding a number of public and private hearings.

The Inquiry will hear about many serious issues requiring very close scrutiny – matters concerned with honesty, fairness, accountability and transparency. The latest call for public submissions comes during the Inquiry’s detailed investigation phase which is focussed on more fully investigating the issues through public and private hearings and other means open to the Inquiry – which has the powers of a Royal Commission.

During the discovery phase the Inquiry has collected almost three million electronic documents; 22 archive boxes of hard copy materials and almost 90 electronic devices — and investigators have already spoken with more than 40 people.

The Inquiry has also made use of its coercive powers, issuing 35 notices to require people to produce documents and information.

Materials have also been received from a number of other Government agencies including the Corruption and Crime Commission, the Public Sector Commission, the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, the Local Government Standards Panel and the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

What is clear from the investigations to date is that there are a large number of very serious matters which have arisen for investigation. They are complex, often overlap, and appear to be endemic at the City.

It is important for the public to hear about these issues, to understand them and to know what can be done to address these sorts of issues now, so they do not arise in the future.

The Inquiry Terms of Reference require certain specific matters be investigated. Some of these are matters of which the community is already aware, such as sponsorship, tickets and grant administration, as well as the acceptance and disclosure, or lack of disclosure, of financial interests and travel and entitlements.

Members of the community wishing to make a submission to the Inquiry, or participate in the hearings should email

Media contacts

Louisa Mitchell
Telephone 61 8 9421 3600; 61 434 308208

Marie Mills
Telephone 61 418 918202


The Inquiry into the City of Perth was announced on 24 April 2018 by the Minister for Local Government to inquire into, report on, and make recommendations in relation to the City of Perth, including whether the Council should be reinstated or dismissed. The full Terms of Reference are available online.


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