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Departmental Circular 10 2019

Local governments may request that the public holiday be celebrated on an alternative day of significance within their districts in lieu of the date proclaimed as the public holiday for the rest of the State.

Local governments interested in having an alternative date declared for the Queen's Birthday public holiday in 2020 should provide a written request which contains:

  1. the boundaries of the area that will be affected by the change (if it is other than the local government boundaries);
  2. the reason/s for the alternative date; and
  3. the consultation process undertaken.

Written requests should be submitted no later than Friday 6 December 2019 to:

Christina Eftos
Private Sector Labour Relations Division
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Locked Bag 14, Cloisters Square Perth WA 6850

Yours sincerely

Duncan Ord
Director General


Page reviewed 27 February 2023