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Image: Greg Hire with the forum’s working group – Wendy Murphy, City of Mandurah; Tracey van der Laan, PRAS; Orazio Santalucia, DLGSC Peel; Marlene Renton, Shire of Murray; Leanne Peebles, DLGSC Peel; Greg Hire; Gemma Chandler, City of Mandurah; Troy Jones, DLGSC Peel/South West; and Jason Parker, Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale

Greg Hire speaking at the forum

The 2021 forum provided a high-quality training, development and networking opportunity for representatives from the Peel sport and recreation sector, local governments and other industry representatives.

The event was held on 19 March at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club located within the Mandurah Marina.

Keynote speaker Greg Hire, former Perth Wildcat star and mental health advocate, gave some insight into his story of success — the result of hard work, commitment and a relentless attitude. Greg also spoke passionately about his mental health charity A Stitch in Time.

Other highlights included the officials panel discussion with MC Mark Readings and a presentation from the Peel Regional Academy of Sport (PRAS).

The many other quality speakers on the day discussed current issues in the sport and recreation industry. These included funding opportunities, how to attract more volunteers, developing wellbeing in your club, how to activate your community through social media and building a positive club culture.

The department’s Peel office also delivered the Peel Coaches Forum on 18 March. Coaches from across the industry were able to hear from Shawn Redhage, former Perth Wildcat and four time NBL champion and Jamie Douse, South West AFL Talent and Coaching Manager and South West Academy of Sport coach.

Shawn gave the coaches attending an excellent understanding on building a positive training environment and how to keep kids engaged. Shawn also spoke about the strategies coaches can use to build a positive team culture. 

Jamie gave a great insight into his personal coaching journey and his philosophies developed in creating athlete centred environments that help keep kids in sport. Jamie also explained the stages of youth maturation and what needs to be considered when training youth athletes. 

Both events were delivered in partnership with PRAS.

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Page reviewed 27 February 2023