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Proposals to strengthen and potentially expand the Banned Drinkers Register were released for consultation in September last year.

After considering feedback, new laws are now being drafted to improve its effectiveness.

The State Government can also confirm the trial will expand to Carnarvon.

This follows recent visits from the Premier and Racing and Gaming Minister, who met with police, local government, service providers, and the newly-formed liquor accord.

The legislation will make the Banned Drinkers Register mandatory for licensees in selected areas.

It will allow police and the courts to register individuals for alcohol-related offending, including alcohol-related violence and drink driving, not just in or near licensed premises. Health professionals and specialist frontline staff would also be able to refer individuals.

The changes would require online liquor retailers to check the register before going ahead with any sale. It would also be an offence to knowingly supply liquor to banned individuals.

Further to that, police will have the power to seize or dispose of liquor in the possession of someone on the register.

Legislation is being drafted and will be introduced to Parliament as soon as possible.

Banned Drinkers Register


Page reviewed 27 February 2023