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This is good news because it will reduce the annual reporting burden for local governments, particularly smaller local governments.

The MFS incorporates the reporting requirements under the Australian Accounting Standards and Local Government (Financial Management) Regulations. However, the size of the local government will determine whether there is a requirement to report on all the activities; or whether sections that are not applicable are to be removed.

The MFS for 2022-23 have been published on the financial policy and accounting web page of the department’s website.

The MFS are based on proposed regulation changes that are currently being drafted, with gazettal anticipated by 30 June 2023, and provide a reduced version for smaller local governments. They are provided in pdf and excel versions.

The MFS are a guide to the common functions and activities of local government; therefore, all local governments will still need to review their version, and:

  • add any transactions or activities not covered
  • remove any sections that might not be applicable, for example investment property.

The guidance materials to support financial statement preparation have been published as a reference guide to the MFS.

Note: chief executive officers are requested to encourage staff who are involved in the preparation of financial statements and the budget, including governance staff, to register for LG Alerts at DLGSC’s website so they can receive timely updates on changes as they occur.

Model Financial Statements guidelines and templates


Page reviewed 27 February 2023