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The WA Hiking Participation Grants program is aimed at growing participation in hiking in Western Australia through the development and delivery of new opportunities for participation, skill development and/or building the capacity of leaders (including guides, instructors and volunteers).

Applicants are encouraged to be creative and innovative in the development of their projects. Projects should align with the WA Hiking Strategy, encourage participation and capitalise on the benefits of trail running and bushwalking.


  • Increase entry level opportunities to engage new participants of all ages, cultures, and demographic backgrounds in hiking pursuits.
  • Expand the skill development opportunities for participants to develop towards independence.
  • Grow the leadership base of hiking (including guides, coaches, instructors and assistants).
  • Grow and support the volunteer base of hiking activities.

Funding available

  • Grants between $5000 and $25,000 are available via a competitive funding round.
  • Organisations are encouraged to contribute cash and/or in-kind support to the total project.

Eligible organisations

The following organisations are eligible to apply:

  • Local Government Authorities
  • community organisations
  • local active recreation clubs and associations.

In addition, to be eligible for funding applicants must:

  • be incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA), or an Indigenous organisation under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI), or a local government or a company limited by guarantee
  • possess an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • not have any outstanding grant acquittal requirements with the Sport and Recreation Service Area of DLGSC
  • maintain appropriate and sufficient insurance cover for the duration of the project. A certificate of currency of insurance/s for the coming year should be provided upon application. Please note, for Public Liability Insurance, a minimum value of $10 million per claim or occurrence giving rise to a claim is required.

Eligible projects/initiatives

The WA Hiking Participation Grants are aimed at growing participation in hiking in Western Australia through the provision of opportunities for:

  • participation; and/or
  • skill development in participants and/or leaders (including guides, coaches, instructors and assistants).

Applicants are encouraged to be creative and innovative in the development of their projects.

  • Projects must be new or an expansion of an existing project. Funding will not be provided to deliver activities that the organisation has previously delivered, unless it expands the reach (e.g. into new regions or different target markets).
  • Projects must not commence prior to funding approval.

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • hosting “have-a-go” activities for bushwalking and/or trail running
  • engaging Aboriginal people with training opportunities in hiking leadership
  • delivering hiking expedition activities to CaLD communities
  • delivering training in navigation, bushcraft, trail maintenance, first aid etc
  • establishing new hiking clubs and groups in regional areas
  • designing and delivering hiking programs of increasing levels of self-reliance
  • developing training products for hiking leaders.

Funding may be used for

  • personnel costs (e.g. employment of trainer etc.)
  • training of volunteers (e.g. attainment of skills/qualifications, Working with Children Checks, first aid training)
  • venue and equipment hire (not owned or occupied by applicant)
  • training and workshops
  • marketing/communication costs that are directly related to the project
  • administration (e.g. telephone, postage, stationary etc.)
  • catering
  • provision of interpreting and translating services
  • transport/travel (e.g. participant bus transport, facilitator travel to regional locations etc.)
  • insurance (for applications not greater than $5000 only).

Funding may not be used for

  • existing or ongoing organisational costs
  • programs/activities that have already commenced or taken place
  • projects or activities that have already been funded by DLGSC
  • purchase of merchandise or equipment (e.g. clothing, water bottles etc.)
  • trophies, prize money or gifts
  • individual membership fees
  • capital works
  • projects undertaken outside of Western Australia.

Assessment criteria

Each application will be assessed based on the following assessment criteria:

Target audience

Describe the target audience, including measures to tailor the project to the needs of the target audience.

Development and participation benefits

Outline how the project will achieve development and/or participation benefits (only address the points that are relevant to the project):

  • describe how the project provides opportunities for entry level participation
  • describe how the project provides opportunity for participants to expand their skill base toward achieving independence
  • describe how the project builds the organisation’s capacity to provide participation opportunities e.g. increase in the number of accredited leaders, increase number of volunteers
  • describe how the project will grow the leadership base of hiking
  • describe how the project will grow and support hiking volunteers.

Project profile

Estimate participation numbers including number of sessions, hours/days of involvement, qualifications attained.

Financial sustainability

Demonstrate the organisation’s financial capacity to deliver the project:

  • provide a proposed budget for the project
  • provide evidence of organisation’s contribution (cash and in-kind) if applicable
  • provide evidence of other financial contribution commitments (cash and in-kind) from project partners (if applicable).

Note: In-kind support and/or funding contributions from the applying organisation and project partners will be viewed favourably.

Risk management

Demonstrate an appropriate level of risk management such as:

  • a risk management plan
  • qualifications and experience of trainers/leaders
  • appropriate levels of insurance considerations
  • relationship to the Australian Adventure Activity Standards.

Capacity and capability to deliver

Demonstrate capacity and capability to deliver the proposed project such as:

  • letters of support from land managers
  • experience in delivering similar projects
  • skills and experience of the project managers.

Application information

  • Application must address one or more of the funding objectives.
  • Projects must not commence prior to funding approval.
  • Provide proof that the organisation has sufficient current insurance cover including Public Liability Insurance to the value of ten million dollars per claim or occurrence giving rise to a claim. A certificate of currency of insurance/s for the coming year should be provided upon application.
  • Demonstrate that all necessary approvals have been obtained (e.g. Land Manager’s approval).  
  • Application must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 10 February 2021.


The WA Hiking Participation Grants will be offered in one funding round in 2020/21.

Key dates:

  • Round opens 20 November 2020
  • Round closes 10 February 2021
  • Advice to applicants May 2021
  • Projects completed by 30 June 2022.

Conditions of funding agreements

  • Successful applicants will be required to enter into a grant agreement, fulfil deliverables identified within a key result schedule and undertake financial reporting obligations.
  • If your organisation has an ABN and is registered for GST, the grant will be 'grossed up' by 10% of the grant amount.
  • If your organisation has an ABN and is not registered for GST, no GST will be paid.

How to apply

  • Read the WA Hiking Participation Grants guidelines in full.
  • Contact the department to discuss your project and request an application form (refer to further information for contact details)
  • Complete the application form.
  • Provide a copy of the organisation’s current insurance certificates including public liability.
  • Submit your application by no later than 5pm Wednesday 10 February 2021.

Further information

To discuss your project or to get help to complete your application, please contact:

Steve Bennett
Telephone 61 8 9492 9732
Email Steve Bennett

Suzie Andrews
Telephone 61 8 9492 9625
Email Suzie Andrews

Page reviewed 17 November 2020