Be aware of your organisation’s insurance coverage and how it might affect you.

The department strongly recommends that sport and recreation organisations, clubs and members are covered by adequate and appropriate insurance.

It is equally important all members and clubs are fully aware of their level and type of coverage and what they might need to do in case of a claim.

This quick guide is a reminder that being aware of insurance coverage and processes is the responsibility of all parts of the sport and active recreation sector.

State/national level organisations

  • Provide clear and accurate information to clubs and affiliated organisations on their own level of organisation coverage (e.g. professional indemnity) and requirements to maintain that coverage (e.g. completion of relevant forms, compliance with state and/or national policies).
  • Provide clear and accurate information (that can be provided to clubs and affiliate organisations) relating to the coverage provided to members (e.g. personal injury), requirements of the member to comply with the conditions of the coverage and how members can make a claim should it be needed.
  • Provide direction to clubs and affiliated organisation of when and how the information should be provided to their members (e.g. once a year at registration time, on their website etc).


  • Ask your state/national level organisation for information on the level of organisational coverage (e.g. professional indemnity), member insurance (e.g. personal accident) and any related requirements to comply with the details of the policy.
  • Share this information will all relevant board members, key volunteers and staff. Make sure the club complies with any of the requirements relating to the insurance coverage.
  • At least once a year (during the registration period is the best), let your members know of their level and types of insurance and how they can lodge a claim.


  • Make sure you know what you’re insured for, the level of coverage, any requirements to comply with the policies and how you lodge a claim. Ask your club or state/national level organisation if you can’t find the information.
  • Read the information and make sure you understand it. You should also consider if you need to take out additional insurance (e.g. private health cover, loss of income coverage etc).
  • If in doubt, ask.
Page reviewed 10 March 2020