Social media

Social media is a great tool to promote your club, gain more members and reach new audiences.

But if it's used incorrectly by clubs and their members it can have a negative effect.

Feeling adventurous? Why not try free apps for clubs.

We have have some great tips and don't forget to check out the social media resources.

Club case studies

There are many sporting clubs and associations in WA that have jumped on board the social media bandwagon. We spoke with four clubs about what they have experienced so far in their dealings with social media (Facebook and Twitter in particular), and you can see what they had to say on the following case studies:

Case studies

How to get the most out of your club's social media page

  • Set goals: know what you want to get out of your social media so you can use it accordingly.
  • Your Facebook/Twitter page is only as effective as you make it: don’t just set it up and expect things to happen, you need to use it effectively for it to be effective.
  • Stimulate the conversations: use these forums for conversations between the club and its members.
  • Integrate communication: use social media in addition to other methods of communication;keep the club email and newsletter, and use social media to increase the quantity and quality of communication.
  • Publicise your page: put it in the newsletter, club email, tell people around the clubrooms to like/join/follow your club’s page.
  • Use it to remind members of social events and training: because so many people visit their social media pages so regularly it is easy to get a message out to a wide audience quickly.
  • Update the page regularly: keep in contact with members, make them aware of events, achievements and results.
  • Allow for two way dialogue: you’re having a conversation on behalf of your club.
  • Keep it up in the preseason: when people are regularly getting messages from the club they remember things like events, and to register and pay their fees, and maybe it will even sway them to play for a season when they’d previously planned not to.

WA Sports Federation cyber safety templates

Play By The Rules

Play By The Rules Club Toolkit: a communication and technology policy for sporting and recreation clubs.

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