Recovery framework for the sport and recreation sector

This recovery framework provides guidance for sport and recreation organisations.

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The following recovery framework is designed to help organisations plan for the transition, resumption, and ongoing future delivery of their services/operations.

The framework is voluntary and intended as a step-by-step planning process that includes handy guides, templates, suggestions and examples.

Some organisations have already commenced their recovery planning.

This recovery framework is for those that are yet to commence or those who may be looking for further advice and guidance.

The first five steps of the recovery framework include important preparation materials and things to consider for the final stage of developing the recovery plan.

The framework be used in conjunction with other key planning materials such as budgets and strategic plans or completion of the Lotterywest Sector Support for Sport and Recreation Organisations application form.

Impact assessment

  • Clarifies the full impact to the organisation/sport.
  • Is based on facts relating to the changes from 'last season' to 'now'.
  • Includes membership, finances, staffing/volunteers, stakeholders/clubs and communication.

Resource review

  • Considers of all relevant resources including financial, staffing, volunteers, equipment, places and spaces.
  • Provides clarity and visibility of future financial and facility/venue related considerations.
  • Assists in identifying potential savings and expenditure relief options.

Organisational priorities

  • Identifies and prioritises all key organisational actions.
  • Considers possible prioritisation of modified actions over traditional actions.
  • Assists in the allocation of resources/time to specific priority actions.
  • Results in a focused approach to the key actions.

Risk assessment

  • Process considers organisational risks with a focus on safety of recommencing sport, recreation or area plans.
  • Develops a common understanding of risks.
  • Complements/reflects previous risk management practice by the organisation or activity/program provider.

Scenario mapping

  • Identifies of future scenarios based on external decisions (eg, lifting of restrictions), internal implications and baseline assumptions.
  • May include multiple future scenarios and consideration of all implications to the organisation's actions/activities.
  • 'If ABC happens then we can do XYZ'

Recovery plan

  • Based on findings and work done in previous plans.
  • For frequent review based on changing external/internal decisions and to include communication considerations.
  • Provides a structured approach for making decisions as the situation changes, including engagement with stakeholders/members. 
Page reviewed 25 May 2020