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Regardless of the team you are managing — club, state or national — the responsibilities and duties are similar. The team manager’s duties, however, become more extensive when managing teams interstate or overseas.

A generic job description for a club team manager including a checklist of duties and responsibilities for consideration has been provided. This job description has been developed from examples provided by sports such as netball, lacrosse, swimming, surfing, gymnastics and karate.

Club team manager job description


A club team manager is responsible for the:

  • administration and management of the team and
  • welfare of all team members at training and competition.

Responsible to

The club team manager is responsible to the president of the club.

Knowledge, skills, experience and requirements


  • Strong interpersonal and oral communication skills including the ability to effectively liaise with athletes, coaches and administrators
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Sound knowledge of the selection procedures and rules/regulations of the competition
  • Copy of a Federal police clearanceIt is recommended that all team managers particularly those dealing with children are required to have a police clearance. A Federal police clearance primarily determines if a person has a criminal history and the nature of any past offences. These may include sexual offences under the criminal code including drug offences, assault, major offences of violence, serious dishonesty (for example embezzlement), drink driving and speeding etc. Unfortunately, the process of conducting a criminal record check is not a fail-safe measure when determining a person’s suitability as a team manager. A Federal Police check is only valid for 3 months and under the Spent Conviction Scheme a person with an old conviction (over 10 years old) that satisfies certain conditions does not need to disclose the conviction. In addition, only a small percentage of child sex offenders are apprehended and charged.
  • Current First Aid certificate. For further information regarding sport first aid training refer to  Sports Medicine Australia – Western Australia website.


  • Previous management of a club team

Responsibilities and duties  — a checklist for consideration

The club team manager has a variety of responsibilities. Some areas to consider when managing a club team include:


  • Liaising with all team members, parents, coaches and officials to ensure the athletes are appropriately dressed and informed of training, competition and club functions.
  • Adjudicating any problems that may arise amongst team members, parents, the coach and supporters.
  • Acting as liaison officer between the club and the team.
  • Ensuring all equipment is safe, the first aid kit is ready for use and the players have their own drink bottle.
  • Ensuring the score card and any other rules/regulations of the competition are carried out.
  • Ensuring all welfare and safety requirements for the team are met.

Athletes under 18 years must be supervised at all times. It is extremely important that all team managers are aware of relevant policies including:

Your sport may have developed specific policies that would be available from your State or National Association.


  • Drawing up a parent’s roster for timekeeping, scoring or transport to away games.
  • Ensuring all players remain together at the competition and support each other whilst they are representing the club.
  • Receiving money from players for fees, uniforms, fundraising, umpiring and any club functions. Providing a receipt for this money, issuing a receipt to the player or parent and handing the money to the treasurer as soon as possible.
  • Distributing to players and coaches the club newsletter and any State Association information.

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Page reviewed 11 September 2023