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Banned Drinkers Register: have your say

Have a say on Banned Drinkers Register

Sep 29, 2022
A consultation on options to strengthen the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR) has been launched after an independent evaluation of the scheme’s trial in the Pilbara.

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Extended trading for public holidays

As in past years the Director of Liquor Licensing (DLL), under the Liquor Control Act 1988, is issuing extended trading permits by way of a notice published in the Gazette for non-metropolitan liquor stores for selected Sundays in 2024.
Couple buying some wine at a bottle shop.

Liquor Control (Section 31) Notice 2023

Issued under the Liquor Control Act 1988 sections 31 (4) and (7) and 60 by the Director of Liquor Licensing.
Close up image of 6 bottle of beer with caps on, in a cardboard carry box

“Show Cause” notice issued to Broome and Derby liquor licensees restrictions

On 8 January 2024, the Director of Liquor Licensing (DLL) issued ‘show-cause’ notices to licensees in respect of 37 licensed premises in the Kimberley towns of Broome and Derby outlining proposed liquor sales restrictions under Section 64 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (the Act). Separate notices proposed different restrictions for the two towns.
A highway sign on a remote highway pointing down the road to the Mingullatharndo Community.

Mingullatharndo (Five Mile) goes dry to reduce alcohol-related harm

Mingullatharndo (Five Mile) in the Pilbara has become the latest liquor restricted community in Western Australia in response to concerns raised by local leaders and as part of the State Government’s ongoing action to reduce alcohol-related harm.
An overall view of Parliament

WA's strengthened Banned Drinkers Register passes Parliament

Media release

New laws to strengthen the Banned Drinkers Register passed through Parliament yesterday to improve its effectiveness in reducing alcohol-related harm.
A close up photo of a rugby ball with water droplets

Rugby fans score with extended trading hours during World Cup

Western Australian pubs and bars can apply for longer trading hours to show matches in the upcoming 2023 Rugby World Cup in a major win for fans of the sport.
Images of generic wine and beer bottles

New regulations to stamp out sly grogging in Carnarvon

New regulations have come into effect to stamp out sly grogging in Carnarvon, giving WA Police the power to immediately dispose of illegal alcohol when they stop and search a vehicle.
A map of WA with the Gascoyne, Pilbara, Kimberley and Goldfields regions highlighted. Text reads, 'Banned drinkers register. You must show approved photo ID to buy takeaway alcohol in the Kimberley, Pilbara, Goldfields, Carnarvon and Gascoyne Junction'.

Banned Drinkers Register rolls out in Carnarvon

The Banned Drinkers Register is now up and running in Carnarvon and Gascoyne Junction with buyers of takeaway alcohol required to show photo identification.
A crowd in Forrest Place watching a large puppet being moved.

Round 3 recipients announced for State Government’s CBD revitalisation grants

The State Government’s investment in revitalising the Perth CBD and Northbridge continues with a further 15 eligible businesses, property owners and not-for-profits sharing nearly $1 million of funding from the Perth CBD Revitalisation Grant Program.
Mature man hesitates while picking out beer from a store.

New legislation to strengthen WA’s Banned Drinkers Register

The State Government will introduce new legislation to strengthen the Banned Drinkers Register following trials in the Pilbara, Kimberley and Goldfields regions.
Graphic with the words, "You're in a Protected Entertainment Precinct" and a background of out of focus lights at night

PEP's law to keep entertainment hotspots safer this festive season

New laws to ban violent thugs from popular entertainment precincts will come into effect on Christmas Eve, in a crackdown on anti-social behaviour just in time for the festive season.
Mature man hesitates while picking out beer from a store.

Inquiries into Kimberley and Pilbara packaged liquor availability

WA’s Director of Liquor Licensing Lanie Chopping has proposed changes to the way packaged liquor is sold in some Kimberley towns, in her determination of 2 separate Inquiries under section 64 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (the Act).
A close-up photo of someone at a laptop holding a credit card

How to pay your annual liquor licence fees

The department mailed out invoices for annual liquor licence fees on 16 November 2022, with payments due on or before 1 January 2023.
Couple buying some wine at a bottle shop.

Liquor Control (Section 31) Notice 2022

Issued under the Liquor Control Act 1988 sections 31 (4) and (7) and 60 by the Director of Liquor Licensing.
Image of maps on easels showing the area of the Protected Entertainment Precincts

Protected Entertainment Precincts pass Parliament

Laws to enhance safety in Western Australia's popular entertainment precincts by banning perpetrators of violent or threatening behaviour have passed through Parliament.
Close up image of a bartender pouring a beer from a tap.

The next chapter of WA’s liquor laws — have your say

Western Australia's small bars — which transformed laneways, activated entertainment precincts, and gave rise to a more sophisticated drinking culture — have celebrated their 15th year.


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